Lithos Sarcophagos – III

  Van Muylem    11 juni 2016

I reviewed this band (ages ago and aheum : band is not really the right word for this Swedish solo project), it was pretty cool to get the message that I could review the new EP. I have never seen this band on stage and regret it. They bring old school gothic metal. Daniel Dante did recording, mixing, mastering, release, photo and artwork. I must say it’s pretty impressive!

First track Stay Away starts with an amazing piano, shortly followed by the sound of a typical 80’s guitar sound: it’s the perfect mix between old school gothic and the 2016 feel. The dramatic reel and pathos gives it what a song like this needs and grasps perfection. The vocals clearly remind me The Sisters of Mercy versus Fields of the Nephilim. I’m pretty sure that old school fans will absolutely adore it. City of Hate is guided by crows and a cool piano (clavecimbel?). Again you feel the dramatic feel. The guitar and bass are perfectly mixed. I feel like it could figure during a vampire or a Viking movie. Towards the end the tempo rises a bit, just together with the pathos! The Last Witch starts slowly with an hypnotic guitar and a real Gothic rock and cave sound. Once again it has everything that retro lovers adore: the feel, the sound, the instruments, the voice … The Astronomical Clock is already the last track. Reading the title I think of Epica, but when I start to listen to the track it starts pretty slowly, even a bit in discord. It sounds a bit like as if all the energy has been sucked out and somebody tries to revive a heavily mutilated corpse. Towards the end we get a more amplified sound, almost like a sonic outburst. Cool thing to know is that the last 2 tracks are based on real stories (check: Anna Eriksdotter and Hans Düringer)!

It was fine to listen to some new Gothic rock stuff, I hope Daniel Dante reaches out to more fans and starts playing live as I hope to see him on stage and who knows: one day we’ll meet!