Ancient Myth - Aberration: “Pt” (Fastball)

  Van Muylem    22 augustus 2016

It is no surprise that this Japanese band has been invited to this year's XIII Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium where their performance will conquer our hearts in October 2016! Just check out their new album!

Following Antibes (album/2005), Aurora (single/2009), Astrolabe In Your Heart (album/2010) and Akashic (album/2012) the Japanese symphonic metal band Ancient Myth now present their latest work Aberration which is a more than extraordinary album and available in three different versions. The album songs were recorded once with Japanese lyrics and then again with English lyrics and are now released under the following titles: Aberration: Pt on CD featuring a bilingual mix, Aberration: Au as a download edition in Japanese and Aberration: Ag as a download edition in English. Musically speaking the new album offers numerous varieties of the genre and skillfully combines classic elements with heavy metal rhythms, playful keyboard and guitar solos as well as a refreshing touch of Japanese tradition which is also reflected in the band's visual presentation and the artwork design. The 16-page booklet includes all lyrics in English as well as in Japanese.

The album opens with a symphonic instrumental, it feels a bit like the departure of a boat that hides warriors inside. It reminds me slightly of the opening track of the great Viking series. Once Eyes shine like Raspberyl (what a nice title) starts we are sucked into female fronted metal with a symphonic touch and a catchy chorus. The drums are on fire and the synths are smoothly taking part whilst the guitars slide and intrude from time to time. Mortal Haven sounds pretty melancholic and utterly melodic! It’s a speeded up and fired up track (towards the end). The drums sound like horses slowly but surely speeding up, catching breath from time to time, chased by the guitars who are razor sharp. Afterglow starts with sacred chants and a piano. Slowly but surely sweetness takes over, whilst some scary backings try to tear it away.  The duality within the vocals gives it something extraordinary and cool. I really adore this one! Aerial Memories: true is an up-tempo whirlwind with hammering drums and a violin. Some parts of the vocals remind me of No Doubt. The folky & melancholic touch is exactly my thing. It’s yet another highlight on this nice album! A real piano ballad comes with Jakujo no tsuki,Fukashigi no Yuki. It’s all driven on pathos with now and then a cello/violin. The band throws a bomb with the rambler called Against the fate (with great backings giving it a symphonic touch). The piano parts are simply dazzling! In Vitro (Instrumental) is a soft and heartbreaking classic intermezzo. Feel the emotions coming from the piano and violin! Canis continues in the same direction (do I hear a clavecimbel?). It’s soft and very melodic. Shade in the dusk (Japanese version) even has male backings (sounds a bit like Satsuki). The melody is very catchy. I adore the classic elements in it. LINK (Japanese version) has an extra soprano on board giving the classic influences a stylish touch! Raven Neamhain Sight is fast, energetic and sounds pretty symphonic! I cherish this rocker with cool and angelic backings. Last track is Skoal! (Japanese version) that starts with a medieval folk touch (party-time) and explodes for a brief moment. The piano and the bass ad a special touch. The guitars and vocals are top notch! This track even has some sing-a-long potential!

Yup, the music stops, here ends my Japanese trip! Please give me more of this! Can’t wait to see them on stage and meet these nice people!

Audio Tracklisting

1 Awaken (Instrumental)

2 Eyes shine like Raspberyl

3 Mortal Heaven

4 afterglow

5 Aerial Memories: true

6 Jakujo no tsuki,Fukashigi no Yuki

7 Against the fate

8 In Vitro (Instrumental)

9 Canis

10 Shade in the dusk (Japanese version)

11 LINK (Japanese version)

12 Raven Neamhain Sight

13 Skoal! (Japanese version)

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