Blutengel – Vampire (Out Of Line)

  Van Muylem    12 december 2018

The sales have been booming for Blutengel since they decided to reboot their old tracks. They have become one of the best selling artists in Germany, their gigs are selling out and today we get a new single with a very catchy sound!

I had a visitor last weekend from London: Caroline Jago (Seventh Harmonic and so many more projects and contributions). We listened to Vampire and we had the same conclusion! This track is catchy as hell and will stay in your head for like forever once you have listened to it! It’s simply their new trademark! Everything in this song is just crafted to become a smashing hit! We get 2 extra remixes on top. First one is the Dance Mix by PsuedoKrupp Project: giving it a more cyber feel and more dancefloor orientated beats. The other one is Six Faces remix it adds some extra stuff, but all in all the original version is better as we loose the catchy feel here due to an overload of extra instruments and special effects. The close it down with the beautiful ballad called Auf Dem Wegen.

Well it’s simple: Blutengel works hard and gets rewarded and it’s their own merit!

For those who want to see Blutengel in the flesh, you could go to W-Fest (Belgium) or Amphi Festival this summer.