Apoptygma Berzerk – SDGXXV EP Artoffact Records / Tatra Records)

  Van Muylem    21 december 2018

After the Soli Deo Gloria (25th. Anniversary Edition) LP/CD reissue comes a completely reworked 4 track digital only EP with songs taken from the original album! As a part of the 25th Anniversary of their debut album Apoptygma Berzerk decided to celebrate in style! Requests to join the party were sent out to old heroes, bands that inspired them in their development, friends, colleagues, and new cutting edge acts that could do something fresh, surprising, and very different with these already classic tracks!

On this EP APOP has worked with Ancient Methods, The Invincible Spirit, Beranek and Cronos Titan. Everything has been done in close collaboration with Stephan Groth.

First track is Burning Heretic and it gest an old school Kraftwork minded rework with some modern layers. Ancient Methods (Cycles of absolute Truths mix) did a great job and kept it very interesting and catchy. This version might even make it into clubland! Backdraft gets a treat by The Invincible Spirit (not bad at all): it sounds very familiar and cosy. ARP has been reworked by Beranek (and is my least favorite track on this one as it could have used a bit of an extra lift, but going for the more melancholic side is also a good choice). Stitch gets aspooky version with a mystical touch done by Cronos Titan.

15th March 2019 we will see the full album SDGXXV out on 2xLP/CD/MC via Artoffact Records (Canada/USA) and Tatra Records (Europe).

The fans will for sure grab this one as fast as possible!

Apotygma Berzerk will play at W-Fest in Belgium this summer!