Fearing Christmas - Deep is cure: ein letztes mal - into my hands [Remixed by endraum]

  Van Muylem    21 december 2018

Years ago I went out every weekend to some bands. I saw God's Bow and endraum. Not much after that I even booked God's Bow. With them came a guy who presented me his CD. This is how I got to know Fearing Christmas. And as Christmas is coming soon they just released a mix done by Endraum. I couldn't leave it unreviewed as it was too good to be true. 

First some history:

This Remix was created by endraum in 2005. Unfortunately we never released something after our "Morgennacht ep" and therefore this fabulous Remix was left behind - unreleased - ... endraum reworked our song "Ende des Sommers" in this Remix. Roman, Hovi, Thank you sooo much!

Now off to the music:

it will remind you of Goesther Erben and it has a clear endraum touch. It has a dreamy touch, but without boring you to death. The sound evolves as with the ticking clock. From a simple voice to a warmer and deeper sound with more and more details. The song sounds more and more as waves and the sea is getting closer and closer towards the end. The piano, the whispering voice, the electronica: it all blends in and makes it very interesting.

I'm pretty sure not much people will know both bands, but it's more then worth it! Just try it out and who knows!

The people who know endraum will for sure rust to the net and will grab it!

Thank you, Lutz for sending this to me!