Jupiter – Zeus (Universal Music LLC/ Zenorecords)

  Van Muylem    6 april 2019

Jupiter is a melodic metal band from Japan with a good eye for cool clothes and great visuals! Jupiter was formed in April 2013, they debuted with their single Blessing of the Future. They also performed overseas tours and since they got a new vocal leader called Kuze things are getting more and more exciting!

Jupiter starts this new album with an impressive melodic intro called New World Order but open the firing pit with the hammering and yet very melodic track called Theory of Evolution where the backings lift the track to a higher level giving it also a very positive feel. Beyond The Horizon goes on with the powerful and very positive feel: hammering in a world filled with flowers and rainbows. It sounds like as if you just have to reach out to a heavenly world who is waiting for you and is basically just one step away from you. The symphonic touch gives it that special reel. Drastic Night sounds a bit heavier with drums who are exploding and guitars on fire followed by a crazy synth rendering an epic feel. Show Must Go On is a heavy rocker with a fat bass and energetic vocals. Kuze’s English is pretty good. I also like the grunting halfway: giving it a more aggressive tone. Straight Into The Fire sounds a bit campy and is loaded with pathos and guitars showing off as backed up by great symphonics. This could be the opening title for a new Saint Seya movie or action game! Angel’s Wings sounds harsher, faster and heavier. It’s a bit unexpected if you read the title: but this is by far the strongest and heaviest track on the album, lead by heavy grunts and growls until Kuze joins and gives it a more melodic touch (however he also opens his throat wide open and gives it all). No Cry No More is a typical symphonic metal track with all the right ingredients and will be fun to play in front of a loaded place. Another hard and heavy sounding track is the loaded one called Tempest. It rages over land and water like a typhoon. The Spirit Within Me sounds like driven by horses running for a storm but still with the idea of a positive ending. I cherish the backings who explode and gives it the big bang needed. Tears Of The Sun is yet another speeded up empowered track with more then enough big bangs and strong passages. Memories Of You sounds a bit melancholic and thus a bit different from the other songs, although it contains a lot of pathos. Going out with a big bang called Zeus Legends Never Die. Conversation with God. It’s an epic track where they show off all they have within themselves.

I’m pretty sure they will give it all on stage and you’ll be mesmerized by the show and the energy! I liked the album and hope they’ll perform in Belgium next time!

Don’t miss them on tour:

May 9 Germany Weiheim Cafe Central www.cafecentral.de
May 10 Netherlands Rotterdam Baroeg http://baroeg.nl
May 11 Germany Essen Turock http://www.turock.de
May 12 UK London Underworld www.theunderworldcamden.co.uk
May 13 France Paris Petit Bain www.access-live.net
May 15 Germany München Backstage www.backstage.info
May 16 Switzerland Pratteln Z-7 www.z-7.ch
May 17 France Montpellier Secret Place www.access-live.net
May 18 Spain Barcelona Bóveda www.salaboveda.com
May 19 Spain Madrid Copernico https://salacopernico.es