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Kraken Metal Fest 7 for now cancelled and will see what future brings!

 Silke D    20 maart 2020

More and more people are getting infected, more and more things are getting cancelled, cities put in lockdown (even countries in it's total). Brave people take brave decisions before the governement decides it for them. Be brave and wise. Underneath you'll find the lastest news about Krak...

Rainover launches new single!

  Van Muylem    11 maart 2020

Our friends from Spain launch a new single, warming us up for their gig in May at the Kraken Metal Rock Fest 7!

Syr Daria - Tears of a Clown (Sliptrick Records)

  Van Muylem    5 maart 2020

Syr Daria is a French quintet of heavy metal/hard rock musicians that have been together since 2007. They will perform the 9th of May at Kraken Metal Rock Fest 7! Time to investigate their music!

Elfika - Secretum Secretorum (Valkyrie Rising)

  Van Muylem    4 maart 2020

Well Elfika is one of the bands I will discover at the 7th edition of the Kraken Metal Rock Fest; so I had to review this album. This French female fronted symphonic metal project got me hooked to their sound, so we finished the review with pleasure!

Skeptical Minds announces new album and unveils frontcover!

  Van Muylem    1 maart 2020

SKEPTICAL MINDS is a mix of electro-indus music with metal riffs and a melodic female voice. Formed in 2002, the band released few EP, albums, DVD (see discography under). SKEPTICAL MINDS played several gigs (more than 200) and they shared the stage with many bands like AFTER FOREVER, APOCALYPTIC...

Christine Plays Viola announces new album in 2020!

  Van Muylem    29 februari 2020

Christine Plays Viola is a band Abruzzo dedicated to a darkwave / post punk articulated and nuanced.

AD INFINITUM Releases New Single, “See You In Hell” New Album Chapter I: Monarchy, Out April 3, 2020!

  Van Muylem    28 februari 2020

Since I saw Melissa playing with Rage of Light I couldn't let go and now she has another band and presents even more new material! Symphonic Rock/metal like only top bands can produce!

TEMPERANCE Reveals New Single & Official Video, “Start Another Round”

  Van Muylem    28 februari 2020

From blood, sweat and tears to the great victory: TEMPERANCE has just released their new energetic single “Start Another Round”, fresh off their latest album, Viridian. Taking risks and playing with one’s own luck and fate are the main topics of this melodic live anthem - even i...

Rainover announces new album and will play soon in Belgium too!

  Van Muylem    26 februari 2020

Rainover is a female fronted Spanish Gothic metal band and they will present on the 17th of April their new album who will be named Nox. On the 8th of May the physically album wil be available (Wormholedeath Records). They will perform the 9th of May at the Kraken Metal Rock Fest 7 in Belgium, so...

Volturian - Crimson (Scarlet Records)

  Van Muylem    10 maart 2020

Volturian is a modern metal band founded by singer Federica Lanna (Sleeping Romance) and songwriter Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown), based on the huge contrast between mellow, dreamy female vocals and heavy downtuned guitars, with a massive infusion of electronic music. Release: 24 April 2020