Het verhaal achter WNSTN, de poëzie, de drive ... of hoe Vlaamse parels tot stand kwamen!

  Van Muylem    23 april 2023

Bij het voor het eerst horen van de singles: Versailles en Rambo was ik verkocht (de eerste single: Roxanne had me niet bereikt). Ik reviewde een tijd geleden het allereerste album WNSTN en was verkocht. Omdat ik vond dat deze artiest een duwtje in de rug verdiende (ik geef toe: ik neem ampe...

Je T'aime talks about their new albums & touring!

  Van Muylem    20 januari 2023

I review one EP from them and got sold, after that I review it all and am now eager to see them finally on stage! This interview is a nice step into getting to know them better and introducing them to you all!

Looking back and forward with Alexandria “Alyxx” Digre (she/her), aka Technomancer/Zone Tripper ...

  Van Muylem    2 november 2022

Alexandria “Alyxx” Digre (she/her), aka Technomancer, released her debut album SYSTEM FAILURE in 2013 and now, almost 10 years later, the second album HYPERFUEL is finally being released this friday! Next to that Alyxx also launched new work from Zone Tripper (check our review) and th...

Black Mirrors (BE) interview about their excellent new album!

  Van Muylem    31 oktober 2022

I reviewed their album (out 4/11/2022) and loved it (together with my 8 years old daughter). We will see them on stage in the Botanique in Brussels and got the chance to interview them first! They rock and we can't wait to see this female fronted rock/metal band on stage!

A Slice Of Life: time for a chat about the album, their sound, their style, influences ... They would love to be on stage with Gary Numan, Editors, The Chameleons & The Cure!

  Van Muylem    20 september 2022

Their second album smashes it and with so far really great single's it was like screaming at me: get an interview with them and try to promote this band a bit more as they really deserve it! The talented people from Belgium where so kind to answer to all my questions! Time for a chat about th...

A short interview with Anne Clark

 Koen Asaert    7 september 2022

Anne Clark played at the W-Festival in Ostend, Belgium on 24 August 2022. Also on the programme that day were The Kids, Nits, Fiction Factory, Big Country, Scritti Politti and Bauhaus. The next morning Snoozecontrol had a short interview with Anne Clark.

Thundermother: 4 women inspired by AC/DC and dream of touring with them or Iron Maiden/ Aerosmith!

  Van Muylem    5 september 2022

Thundermother is a great band from Sweden conducted by 4 women! They rock your socks of and their last album has to become a mayor hit! I got the album months ago and am still spinning it! Mona Lindgren was so kind to answer my questions in between gigs of their tour with Scorpions...

Spiral of Silence: een mooie babbel over verleden, heden en toekomst!

  Van Muylem    17 augustus 2022

Spiral of Silence is een Belgische band die al sinds de jaren 90 de wereld platspeelt en na een lange stilte opnieuw de studio indook met een schitterende EP als resultaat. Tijd om onze Gothic-rock en New Wave vrienden wat vragen te stellen.

Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando) aan het woord: de Leopoldsburger die wereldburger werd en over de hele wereld mag headlinen en meer muziek verkoopt dan een hele rits Belgische artiesten!

  Van Muylem    21 juli 2022

Het gaat staalhard met de Belgische hellectro formatie: Suicide Commando. Ooit klein begonnen vanuit Leopoldsburg, maar ondertussen zowat overal headliner, net terug van een tour doorheen de USA en Canada en morgen verschijnt het nieuwe album! Tijd om onze sympathieke Limburger aka Johan Van...

We present you Harbour of Souls (NL) as they will perform at Kracken Metal Rock Fest 7 in Ittre! 11/06/2022!

  Van Muylem    28 mei 2022

As Harbour Of Souls (NL) will perform at the Kracken Metal Fest Rock 7 I decided to interview them in order to present them to you. Martin was so kind to reply to my questions within a few hours after I had them send out.