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Ithilien – Shaping The Soul (WormHoleDeath - Dreamcell 11)

  Van Muylem    28 november 2016

Ithilien is a Belgian metal band defining itself as FolkCore to underline the combination of traditional Belgian (Folk) music, played with Flemish bagpipes, a hurdy gurdy, whistles, bouzouki and a modern metal genre (Death Metal, MetalCore) influenced by bands such as Parkway Drive, Architects, All...

The Dolmen - Nuada

  Van Muylem    28 november 2016

The Dolmen are medieval pirates: this band comes out of the Celtic heartlands, takes the musical audience by the throat and shakes it hard. Their gigs are a big party and is very addictive! They will play at Trolls et Légendes, so time to unveil their newest album …

'a big step up' - Interview with Trash Boat

  Inge van Nimwegen    20 november 2016

It’s the first day of tour for British band Trash Boat, opening for Beartooth on their European tour. The five guys just finished playing and packing up the stage when I meet up with vocalist Tobi Duncan and guitarist Ryan Hyslop to discuss their latest album Nothing I Write You Can Change ...

Hano-ah - Slow Waltz

  Van Muylem    20 november 2016

As she will play at the Trolls et Légendes edition 2017 it was the right moment to discover this nice artist from Mons with the fragile sound. She has been influenced by Dead Can Dance, Tori Amos, Cocorosie, Emilie Simon, Kate Bush, Fever Ray, Bjork, Bang Gang ...

Amaranthe – Maximalism (Spinefarm/Universal)

  Van Muylem    23 november 2016

Listening to a new Amaranthe abum is always fun time! The previous one was mostly acoustic and now they return to their basics: industrial/symphonic metal with power play and some ballads! Yet they also jump into a more catchy and poppy vibe (Sweden’s finest cut), discover it all here:

Blutengel – Complete (Out of Line)

  Van Muylem    14 november 2016

Blutengel is always in some kind of evolution, yet they keep their strength and keep on being very interesting. Their sound is richer and opens the eyes of the non-believers! Their new single is yet again a blast!And yes there will be more in 2017 as the new album has also been announced!

Kolmteist - Mustad Linnud

  Van Muylem    13 november 2016

I run into these Estonian folks via a friend of my wife, whose brother plays in this band and I must say: they absolutely surprised me! See them as a mix of Metsatöll (singing in Estonian, pagan metal-minded) and Sepultura (yup if you listen good even some Belgian Asociality).

Sirenia – Dim Days of Dolor (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    11 november 2016

Sirenia was formed by Morten Veland in january 2001. Morten’s musical work was already well known through his work with his former band Tristania, a band he co-founded back in the mid-nineties. Being the main songwriter for this band he was a part of defining the gothic metal sound from a v...

Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake (Nuclear Blast)

  Van Muylem    13 november 2016

For over three decades, the Bay Area quintet - ChuckBilly (vocals), EricPeterson (guitars), AlexSkolnick (guitars), SteveDiGiorgio (bass), and GeneHoglan (drums) - has consistently delivered unadulterated, unbridled, and unbreakable metal in its purest form without compromise or any signs of...

Hell:Sector - The Violent Breed (Battlefront Audio)

  Van Muylem    12 november 2016

I have been following this band for a while and they have never disappointed me. If you don’t know them yet: they play harsh electronics, detuned guitars and aggression to the industrial frontline.