Partikul - Related memories ( Exit does not exist Records)

  Van Muylem    4 oktober 2021

Partikul is a band from Brussels and only got started up in 2019. A duo works it all out together. Aly: synths, vocals & drum machine & Stef : guitar & vocals. They get their inspiration whilst listening to old school electro bands from Belgium like Front 242 and Vomito Negro! As I saw them on stage during their album presentation in Drogenbos (2/10) I got into their sound and share my personal point of view on their brand new album with you!

Curse starts like an industrial track: dark mood and strange noise until the guitar wakes up and the Stef clean vocals jump in. I like the whole setting! It reminds me a bit of The Neon Judgement. I’m Yours sounds like a romantic song and has again this industrial edge mixed with some electro rock! It’s once again a good track! It strikes me a bit that all the tracks sound better as what I heard on stage! E.M.I. is sung by Aly and sounds more like a classic cold wave track. Free Dolls feels like a dark track that fits the dancefloor. I like the vocals here. My Heart Beats mixes both voices whilst the music is into dark wave with a catchy chorus. My Love brings up the best of Aly’s vocals. Apart does not sound at all like the slow from The Cure. Stef does a great job with his vocals and  with his guitar. I adore the melancholic touch here. It’s clearly a break up song! Bitch About It is a more up-tempo track with a cool guitar sound and electric drums. Fucking Hero sounds like a very sarcastic song with an Iggy Pop touch (from the album called The Idiot). Aly does her magical stuff on the vocals here. The last song is called Goldmoon and sounds like the perfect song to end a live set: with lot’s of fireworks and a wall of sound!

Well I can be very clear: they sound way better on CD/digital than on stage! I really enjoyed reviewing it and hope they work out a better live sound as they really deserve to sound as least as good as on recordings! I see a lot of potential in this one! Thumbs up!

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