Death Metal heavyweights NO RAZA release best-of compilation! Out now on Noble Demon!

  Van Muylem    14 maart 2021

Death Metal heavyweights No Raza have unleashed a best-of compilation, which is out now on powerhouse label Noble Demon!

Formed in 1997 in Colombia, South America, now based in Florida, US, No Raza belongs to one of the most eclectic acts the scene has to offer. More than two decades of energetic and relentless soundscapes, which not only led the band to play the most important and biggest festivals in South America, but also to share the stage with well known acts all around the globe, are now featured on their brand new compilation.

"The Best Of No Raza" is a remarkable journey through 24 years of career and a true imposing testimony entirely in the name of Death Metal. Vocalist and guitarist Juan Cano states:

"'The „Best Of No Raza' is a compilation that we have created with the most representative songs throughout our history, a journey through our entire discography with a select repertoire loaded with classic death metal sounds and intense lyrics, which have been constructed and marked an ideology that encompasses the human being in all its aspects, through its existence on this earthly plane.“


Transcending Material Sins

1. Ancient Wars

2. On The Verge of Dying Out

3. Sail in Rot

4. Reborn

5. Fratricide

6. Atrición

7. En Carne y Hueso

When Chaos Reigns

8. Evil’s Seed

9. Corderos al Abismo

10. Débil Hombre

11. Contaminated Roots

12. Tiempos Malditos

13. Muerte por Traición


14. Lloverá Sangre en el Barro

15. Ríos de Sangre

16. La Marcha

17. Hipocresía

18. Profetas

Del Poder a la Muerte

19. Tierra Desconocida

20. Involución

21. La Danza de la Destrucción

"The Best Of No Raza" is out NOW on Noble Demon and available for purchase at THIS LOCATION

Furthermore No Raza just recently released a brand new video clip for the track "Atrición" and you can watch it here:

NO RAZA are:

Juan Guillermo Cano (Vocals - Guitar)
Jairo Hernán Gómez (Drums)
Mike Spillane (Bass)
Camilo Sanchez (Guitar)

For more info visit: