dear.deer.records presents: BAMBI KRAMER with 'Mopty'.

  Van Muylem    15 maart 2021

Bambi Kramer was the electronica/sad/slowcore duo formed by loïc b.o. & Marie V. Founder of the indie band Flexa Lyndo (1995-2007), loïc b.o. started exploring new electronic paths with Marie V. from 2006. Bambi Kramer will have a fleeting life as the duo stopped after two years of existence.

More than 10 years later, dear.deer.records, is releasing a never-heard album in a limited edition of 50 numbered cassettes with clear frosted shell and eco-natural 100% recycled J-card. This edition comes with printed live band pictures.

"Mopty" is taken from the album "Tape 1". The video was edited by Yasmina H'Mamou with live sequences and visual arts by sam* who was then VJing during Bambi Kramer's shows.