[PIAS] Belgium singles of the week!

  Van Muylem    18 maart 2021

Since we get extra news from [PIAS] Belgium we will try to launch a bit more news coming from them. The first salvo is called singles of the week. If it goes well, we will continue to do it like this.


Robbing Millions, the project of Belgian avant-pop musician Lucien Fraipont, has announced today the release of his second album via MGMT Records, in collaboration with [PIAS]. The album was born out of Fraipont’s creative compulsion, who, after having amassed a volume of music from constant writing and recording, enlisted producer Shags Chamberlain (Weyes Blood, Ash Ra Tempel) to help arrange his material into a cohesive release. The stomping astral fantasia 'Camera' is the album’s first single.

'Holidays Inside' is the first outside release for MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser’s label, which has previously released only the duo’s own material. “Lucien has achieved that rare balance of experimentation, technical proficiency, and extreme catchiness that makes for a truly exciting and surprising pop music listening experience,” VanWyngarden states while explaining why Holidays Inside made for such a great fit for the new imprint. “There’s lots of unexpected melodies, but not in a contrived way. Those qualities made Robbing Millions seem like an obvious fit for an MGMT Records release.“

second album 'Holiday Inside' coming soon on MGMT Records/[PIAS]


Enigmatic DJ and producer Claptone is one of the World’s most renowned house DJs and producers. He is now back with new track ‘Zero’ – produced & written by Claptone with additional production from Stuart Price (Dua Lipa, Madonna, The Killers) also Les Rythmes Digitales. This follows the global successes of previous records ‘Charmer’ and ‘Fantast’ which have amassed 200M streams and over 200K equivalent album sales. Claptone has also played across dance music’s most iconic parties around the world!

MYKKI BLANCO - FREE RIDE (radio edit) 

Mykki Blanco releases their first new music of the year by way of 'Free Ride', a single co-produced by FaltyDL and Hudson Mohawke. The track also marks Mykki’s debut with new label home, Transgressive Records. It's been a decade since the moniker Mykki Blanco was created — first as a video art project on social media and then as a vehicle for self-discovery in the journey of forming their identity. In that time, they have pushed hip hop to some of its most untethered bounds, melding noise and experimental elements with club and trap sounds, whilst also forging a uniquely subversive path within a genre which had historically been very homophobic and transphobic.


Belgian rapper Scylla is back. More enigmatic than ever. In his new music video 'Chanson d’Amour' (Love song in French), he stages his own death, followed by his resurrection in a new form. All this in the prestigious hall of the Cirque Royal which he literally leaves in ashes at the end of the video. In recent months, Scylla had completely disappeared from the networks. A few days ago, he suddenly erased all of its contents to leave only this mysterious secret code: 'VII.IX.XII'. He then leaked a few fragments of vocal notes and confidential conversations that hinted at this 'self-destruction' project. The signal is clear: Scylla has just publicly ended an old version of himself. It remains to be seen what the new version has in store for us.


The twice-Grammy-nominated band Hiatus Kaiyote is comprised of Naomi “Nai Palm” Saalfield (guitar, vocals), Paul Bender (bass), Simon Mavin (keys), and Perrin Moss (drums) and the new album is the follow up to their 2015 album ‘Choose Your Weapon’. A trip to Rio de Janeiro in late-2019 to work with legendary Brazilian artist/arranger Arthur Verocai shifted the vibe of the entire album. “We had recorded the song ‘Get Sun,’ and it already sounded good,” says Bender. “We had no idea what he had written for it.” When Verocai fired up his horn and string sections, it was a release for everyone. “Tears were running down my face,” Bender recalls.

new album 'Mood Valiant' coming soon on Brainfeeder Records/Ninja Tune

The North London Molly Burman began prodigiously writing and recording music herself from her mid-teens, self-producing her own material and writing ever-personal lyrics that have been never anything less than an unflinching, honest take on her life at that point. Today she shares her debut single proper, "Fool Me With Flattery", an immediately melodic song that fleets between sharp, literate jangle-pop and the homespun, eclectic bedroom pop sound of the here and now. Molly says about the themes behind:  "I wrote the song after a long day of feeling overlooked and ignored by some of the guys in my life. I was fed up, angry and used the stereotype of a mansplaining misogynist to let it all out. This song is for anyone who feels belittled and like they’re being made to shrink themselves; be as big as you possibly can, and don’t let anyone fool you with flattery!" 


The Parrots new single featuring C. Tangana – who, if you haven’t yet heard of, is a pretty massive deal in his native Spain and elsewhere! The band explains : “For this song our inspiration came from things that were the closest to us, and that’s maybe the reason we were incapable to see them. The stop in the touring life and the time we’ve had to write has made us realize the distance we had created between our home and our people. Realizing this has made us feel closer than ever to our childhood references and to seek new ways to compose songs. Pucho (C. Tangana) and us have long had the idea of making a song together and we were recording both of our albums at the same time, so we showed him some demos and he loved it, so we took some days in the studio to record it!”


Hildegard is composed of none other than Ouri (Ghostly International) and Helena Deland (Luminelle Recordings). Both friends, and both based in Montreal, they made a record together in 2018, over the course of eight days, and the result is the self titled LP that will be released later this year on new label section1. It's an exhilarating, alchemical listen. Helena's psychedelic folk weaves in and out of Ouri's nocturnal world of electronic and dance music. Weightless vocals and aphoristic lyrics hover over kinetic beats and bass.


This new track by La Femme could have featured on their first album ('Psycho Tropical Berlin'), gold record, rewarded by a Victoire de la Musique (French music awards), which contributed to create their recognition around the world as one of the big acts of the new French music scene. 'Le sang de mon prochain' is a mix of Witchwave / Motown, sixties / seventies crossed with the breakbeat spirit of the nineties and its rhythmical organs. Still unique, La Femme has thought this video (out on 17/03) as a science-fiction concentrated in a 4-minute format, directed by Ilan Zerrouki. 

new album 'Paradigmes' out April 2nd, 2021 on Disque Pointu/Idol

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