Fieke van den Hurk and Nanna Solveig Barslev worked together and soon you'll get the result soon!

  Van Muylem    24 maart 2021

We got notice of a nice chat between both of them and are more then happy to share their news! And to make it clear to all: Fieke vande Hurk is producing the solo album of Nanna Solveig Barslev!

Fieke: "I'm so honoured to be working on an album full of crazy enchanting amazing material together with Nanna Solveig Barslev. . It's a musical dream come true to make something like this with her, witching around in my studio until we hit it exactly right. Can't wait to get on with it!!!! Stay tuned!!! (and listen to this track in the meantime, produced by master Christopher Juul".

Nanna Solveig BarslevFieke van den Hurk oh Thanks ❤️❤️, I’m great-full for having you with me on the journey, guiding me with patience, intuition and heart through all the layers of the sound landscapes.Looking much forward to hopefully soon start recording again and have a full album.