FRONT 242 - USA 91 (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    1 april 2021

The 1991 “Tyranny For <You>” tour has never before been the subject of any official live release. However, this tour was one of the most spectacular in terms of scenery and its exceptional track listing. Remastered from personal recordings, they are presenting the best versions of these live tracks and some rare gems. All these live recordings were mixed from tape and assembled by Thierry Herremans (Hills Music) and mastered by Daniel B.

We all miss live shows and releasing this live album is seen as a little helper to overcome these 2 years without live performances from Front 242 (with some luck it will be only 2 full years). And like the promo stated: this live recording was not ment to be published and is taken from a personal recording and not a professional recording and thus it doesn’t match with their best live recording so far: Re-Boot: Live '98 (also called Re:Boot or [:RE: BOOT]).

I miss a bit the feedback from the audience (it's not like any live registration from Blind Guardian for example) and it sounds like J-L had troubles from a Jetlag or wasn’t in a good shape, whilst Richard 23 is hopping around like a little kid that can finally go to his favorite playground. Fans of the band will be very pleased with this one as there are rare gems on it whilst the big hits are on it too!

Can’t wait to get my vaccine and hope touring will be ok after 2 years of no tours and I really hope it gets limited to those 2 years. But I’m pragmatic. Let’s cross fingers and in the meantime enjoy this one!


01. D.S.M. / Moldavia

02. Rhythm Of Time

03. Masterhit

04. Soul Manager

05. The Untold

06. Until Death (Us Do Part)

07. Im Rhythmus Bleiben

08. Slo-Mo

09. Don’t Crash

10. Never Stop

11. Headhunter

12. Tragedy For You

13. Welcome To Paradise

14. Punish Your Machine / Neurobashing