Zone Tripper – video themes

  Van Muylem    3 april 2021

11 tracks all collected from video games (on PC and on consoles). All transformed and reworked by Zone Tripper and giving it a retro 80’s touch with lot’s of synths and some Commodore 64 tunes next to some electronic drums. I have to mention Carlos Péron as he did the mastering!

Cool thing is the booklet: telling the story of the song and the story of the game and why it has it’s place on this collection. Reading this booklet is as interesting as listening to the music, so enjoy! One more thing: the person behind this collection also reviews video games! Like this you have all the info needed to enjoy this cool collection!

Here are the tracks:

8 (Mother)

Strike The Earth! (Shovel Knight)

Ion Fury Theme

Corneira Rising (Star Fox)

Crushing Dept (Super Metroid)

Act On Instinct (Command & Conquer)

Enslaved (Blackthorne)

Eternal Doom (Doom)

Victor X (Ion Fury)


I also got the extra track done by Technomancer (hidden track on bandcamp):

Endless Night (Deus Ex)