HOWLIN’ ANTON BLEAK – Country Stranger (remixes album) (Screamlite Records)

  Van Muylem    21 mei 2021

Howlin’ Anton Bleak’s spectacular remixes album Country Stranger will be released via Screamlite Records on 22 May 2021 Reinvention is in Howlin’ Anton Bleak’s DNA. It is difficult to imagine the blues having any relevance in the 21st century without the seismic impact of his band Bleak’s two seminal albums For the Good of the Nation and Dig Two Graves.

Last year’s debut solo release Stranger Country turned the UK country scene on its head with its twisted journey into the dark side of Americana. One of the most striking features of that release was the stellar roster of guests that Anton assembled from the cream of the London alternative scene, giving each song a unique personality. Anton has extended this concept for the follow up release and given the contributors free rein to deconstruct and reassemble his songs to such an extent that Country Stranger sounds less like an alt-country remixes album and more like the soundtrack to an avant garde horror film. Some of the new versions here are destined squarely for the dancefloor, such as Die Kur’s take on Great Satan Rising (Ays Kura remix). The result is pretty disturbing (in a nice way): changed the song into an almost carnivalesque track with a disco and techno feel. You almost feel obliged to start dancing on it. Some DJ’s might even use during a crazy party (once we all can party again). In the meantime you’ll all have to party in your own house and wouldn’t be bothered by a police control afterwards and get fined for drinking and driving!

Ben McLees remix of This Is Radio Silence takes the cinematic grandeur that his band is known for and infuses it into Cowboy From Hell. It’s a good match!

Brooklyn’s Tribes Of Medusa’sBlood Mingling mix of Become The Sun will haunt your nightmares for months to come. It’s a scary Cold Meat Industry minded remix!

Autorotation’s intriguing folktronica works out fine with their version of In The Land Of Snow where they combine Anton’s original vocal with some new contributions to make what is effectively a new song from the ashes of the old.

Machine Rox’s version of Yenisey which transforms one of the stirring highlights of the original record into something you wouldn’t be surprised to hear at a dystopian mirror universe Eurovision. It’s by far my most favourite song on this album! It’s a real party track and catchy as hell! Let yourself go on the vibe of the Hey! Hey’s and the Eurovision touch! The UK should send them to the next Eurovision Song Contest! Enjoy also the cool guitar solo halfway!

Naevus’s take on London Waltz and give it the the sinister feel of a David Lynch soundtrack, guided by an acoustic guitar and some strange and very scary electronic sounds.

On the 23rd Floor (Oblivion Guest remix) gets an electronic touch, like almost a future pop version. It’s again an unexpected version and a good one!

His Mistress's Voice (The Pool remix) is a strange version with industrial minded touches and a soundscape minded approach. It’s not my cup of tea. But on this album are more then enough good versions and unexpected remixes/versions!

The original album ‘Stranger Country’ is available at:

Produced by the contributors Mastered by Ays Kura Original album ‘Stranger Country’ personnel Howlin’ Anton: voice, guitar AP Clarke: guitar, voice, bass “Belter” Jim Lacey: guitar with very special guests Nick McBrain: stompbox on Great Satan Rising and Yenisey Hana Piranha: floor harp on Cowboy from Hell Rachel Woodworth: vocal on Lost Highway Country Al: harmonica on London Waltz Ben Rowntree: piano on On the 23rd Floor Ays Kura: theremin on Become the Sun Takatsuna Mukai: violin on In the Land of Snow Engineered by Ays Kura Produced by Ays Kura and Howlin’ Anton Bleak Mastered by Ays Kura - Screamlite Records is an independent Cheltenham based label founded in 2013 and specialising in 4 main genres: rock, folk, punk and metal.

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