GOTHIC MUSIC ORGY, Vol.7 (darkTunes Music Group)

  Van Muylem    9 juni 2021

The darkest compilation is entering the next round! Once again, the darkness is about to crawl into your speakers, bringing the beauty of dark music of all genres directly to your ears! GOTHIC MUSIC ORGY Vol.7, that means a fine selection of 66 Tracks of everything that the world of gothic music has to offer: 5 hours of harsh electronic beats, awesome dark rock riffs or melancholy Darkpop, the compilation is packed with the whole repertoire!

Turn the volume up and enjoy the darkest songs of the following bands:

Aevum, AGNIS, Alien:Nation, Antilav, APRYL, ASHES'N'ANDROID, Auger, BASSCALATE, BASSZILLA, Batávia, Binary Division, Black Angel, BLACKBOOK, Cathedral In Flames, CattaC, Chamaeleon, Controversial, CZARINA, Dance My Darling, Darkcell, Dead Inside Effect, Death Party UK, Device Noize, Dust In Mind, ÉDEA, Empyres, EXTIZE, Finita, Form Follows Function, Fourth Circle, Freak Injection, GIANT WAVES, G.L.O.W, God Destruction, Guardians Of Tears, Humans Can't Reboot, INSPIRA, Johnathan|Christian, La Lune Noire, London Sadness, MATT HART, Merry Chicklit, METZGER, Michael “Krebs” Haggerty, Molfa, Morgenstern, Ocean Dark, Omnimar, Pro Patria, Scars Are Soulless, Simon Carter (feat. Fabsi), SINthetik Messiah (feat. Cat Hall), Suppressor, SynthAttack, T3RR0R 3RR0R, Tétrico Romance, The Designs, The Palace of Tears, The Silverblack, Thrillsville, TOAL, Waijdan, Williams, XORDIA, XXOt, Zeitgeist Zero (watch out: this list is not complete).

Nothing but fun for lovers of underground music in all kind of genre’s! If you don’t find your taste here then you are screwed!

Unlike in the past I don't have the time needed to review every track and dive deeply into it. I listened to the album several times, even made my family listen to it and decided to write about the bands that got a reaction from myself or my family (no trashing of bands). But keep in mind this idea that popped up: sad thing for certain genre’s is that it’s hard to re-invent the genre and that it now comes to find the small difference between tracks!

Omnimar is a cool female fronted electro-pop project with a nice song in here! Blackbook reminds me of Apoptygma Berzerk & Piston Damp (in a good way). CZARINA sounds nice, but I heard it before. Freak Injection has a nice sound and great vocals! APRYL is a cool German Gothic Rock/metal band and e few of their songs are part of my private i-Tunes playlist. Rammstein fans will be pleased with Morgenstern. God Destruction is a good follower. Good rockers: Dust In Mind & Ocean Dark! If you want good metal, go for: AEVUM. Agnis goes for a more haunting sound with good female vocals. A more sensitive sound comes from ÉDEA. Excellent retro pop/Wave comes with GIANT WAVES. Mister M. Manson returns with Darkcell.Alien:Nation or Hoccico, what is the difference? One of the pearsl on this compilation is for sure the fragile song that Humans Can't Reboot brings us. Fourth Circle is a nice mix between Nick Cave and t.A.T.u. in a Gothic minded jacked. Batavia brings a very radio friendly pop/wave song. Black Angel brings cool and catchy gothic rock. Almost from the same level is the more vampire rock minded song brought by Death Party UK. Zeitgeist Zero brings a cool kind of gothic rock.

Binary Division does a great job, but it reminds me of C-Lektor and that came as the newer and updated version of Suicide Commando. Same thing goes for SynthAttack & Dead Inside Effect. There are also cool and brainless tracks like the one from T3RR0R 3RR0R.BASSZILLA launches another hit for the dancefloor! Club tracks are in here too, so start dancing in your living room! Listen to Suppressor andenjoy! A more gothic metal minded band is XORDIA (but yeah: like this there are hundreds of bands): it’s not bad at all.

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