Metalwings – A Whole New Land (Independent Release)

  Van Muylem    5 juli 2021

On June 11, 2021, the new and second full-length album from Bulgarian band Metalwings was released, called 'A Whole New Land'. This new album was released as an Independent Release. Metalwings is a symphonic/gothic metal band formed by the classically trained vocalist and songwriter Stela Atanasova in 2010. Metalwings is an unqiue combination of angelic vocals, heavy guitars, powerful symphonic parts and the gentle sound of viola.

Opening track is the title track (A Whole New Land ) and sounds a bit into symphonic metal (guided by a synth). Slowly we hear more guitars and even a beautiful female voice (Stela Atanasova). The classic (strings) instruments give it an uplifting touch. The operatic feel grows towards the end of the track: giving it an epic feel. Monster In The Mirror has a good tempo and presents itself as a classic symphonic metal track with great vocals and a good production! It’s a nice show off (with more fragile and more powerful parts). Like A Willow Without Tears is more emotionally loaded and proves how good Stela’s voice is! Be ready to shed a tear! Another song filled with a lot of feeling and a lot of variation is the marvellous pearl called: I See Your Power. It reminds me a bit of Xandria. Silence starts slow, with an almost whispering voice and slowly growing stronger and louder. Slowly it gets the typical symphonic metal sound and the tempo goes up (guided by the strings and the guitars). The break renders the more fragile part of the song. Still Believe In Us starts under the guidance of strings and an acoustic guitar. Once Stela starts to sing we also hear a piano. In the end it’s a magical and magistral ballad filled with emotions and o so fragile! Killer Of The Angel's Love starts slowly but get’s some lifting after one minute and becomes a more power driven song empowered by some symphonic metal slices. Wonders Of Life sounds as charming and sweet as the title on itself. Stela’s voice sounds warm and deep, with now and then a touch of fragility and excellent symphonic metal slices! Passengers Between The Rails Of Life is the kind of typical symphonic metal track that goes up and down, goes high and low with lots of instrument on board. Second Chance sounds like the second life of a butterfly: light and softly with a romantic touch and only positive feelings. It’s a song that fit’s Stela’s voice like a handcrafted glove! The lift of the tempo towards the end almost feels like not done as the previous part is of such a beauty! Milo Moe Libe sounds a bit different from the previous tracks (partially due to the flute, but also because it’s sung in Polish, the mother language of this band). It’s a cool last track, making the end a beauty!

Well: this was a blast! I enjoyed it! I hope to get caught up by a large audience and can play a lot of gigs once life can go back to normal!

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