New and twentieth album from the Finnish epic music composer Antti Martikainen!

  Van Muylem    1 augustus 2021

On July 21, the new and twentieth album from Finnish music composer Antti Martikainen has been released, called 'Carmina Gloria'. This new album has been released as an Independent Release.

Antti Martikainen (born in 1985) is an instrumental composer from Finland. His trademark sound consists of epic orchestral music mixed with heavy metal, synths, folk instruments and ethnic flavours resulting in some very unique and huge tracks and albums. His music is usually very melodic, rhythmic and simple yet very diverse. He absorbs his artistic inspirations mainly from video game and movie soundtracks. Some good examples include Two Steps From Hell, Koji Kondo, Jeremy Soule, John Williams and Hans Zimmer.

Since 2013 Antti has released 20 original albums each with a unique themes and styles including Nordic folk metal, industrial cyberpunk metal, hybrid space orchestrations, pirate shanties, Celtic hymns and much more. He has also composed for numerous indie video games such as One Finger Death Punch 2, Nine Parchments, Starbase, Ziggurat 2 and arranged orchestrations for bands such as Sabaton.


1 - Divine Alliance

2 - Durandal

3 - Metal Crusade

4 - Terra Sancta

5 - Blood of Glory

6 - Deliverance

7 - Claymore in the Face

8 - Shining Fate

9 - Defenders of the Cross

10 - The March of the Templars

11 - Victoria Ultima


Mikko Salovaara: lead guitars, acoustic guitars
Francesco Mattei: rhythm guitars
Ian Fontova: folk instruments
Ruben Monteiro: oud, saz baglama, hurdy gurdy
Paul Johnson: gaita, gralla, tarota
Natalia Dmukhovskaia: classical violin
Jocelyn Fields: vocals
Angela Schleihauf: Oboe, english horn
Kim Fleuchaus: ney flute
Erkan Erginci: duduk
Max Kerner: Citole

Composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Antti Martikainen
Additional guitar, bass and drum mixing by Simone Mularoni (Domination Studio)

Cover artwork by Kerem Beyit

More about this composer can be found at: