Saeko – Holy We Are Alone (Pride & Joy Music)

  Van Muylem    20 augustus 2021

I saw Saeko on stage a long time ago. I kept on following her and saw how she escaped her own country and fled to Germany to fulfil her dream: create her own album, work with the best possible artist without giving in on creative idea’s and without any strings attached! Live in total liberty and be able to work out her idea’s! I was happy I could finally review the album and interview this great lady a few weeks ago! Today is launching day!

10 Tracks will brings all around the world whilst exploring the creative extensions of Saeko’s brain and guided by real cool people! First track is called Circle of Life and is some kind of intro. You’ll hear a piano and a voice’s who’s guiding you and who introduces you to this very special album. It’s time to break the spell as she tells you in the end: it’s the beginning of the album and the beginning of the travel! From here until the last track every song is impersonating a country. The first one is Japan (the place where she grew up). It’s a story of hard working (guided by some typical Japanese instruments and partially sung in Japanese) and dreaming about the future and a better life. The music is very intriguing, rich and contains a lot of variation (speed, sound, melody and instruments)! You can also hear how rich her voice is, how much she can play with her vocal chords! It’s really impressive!

Next one goes out to Syria and is called Music, My Love. Once again she uses instruments attached to the story of the named country. I adore the vibe of the song and it’s clear that music is indeed her love! She literally screams it out and rock’s her roll! UK is the next one and comes up with some sort of medieval touch: Never Say Never. With this one she wants to prove she did it despite some saying: you’ll never be able to do it! Her vocals go from low to high and sharp as if it’s a simple game. The song mixes a classic (drunken) sailors song in the middle (to create a little bridge). Germany (the country where she is lives now) brings us: Rebellion Mission. Here her voice changes into an opera minded one. It’s clear it has been a though fight and she won, in the end! The guitars are really great and on fire! India gives us also their typical instrument and an oriental touch mixed with metal minded guitars. Farewell to You I (From Father to Son). Predestination and fighting against it can bring trouble in a father / son relationship and that is what this song is about. Brazil: Splinters of the Sun. Is a very political song about the chaos and search for unity in Brazil. The song on itself sounds really great: top tempo and powerplay! Hawaii USA: Farewell to You II (From mother to daughter): lead by a piano and filled by emotions! The story is about a kid who had parents fight against each other all the time, ended up in prison and became a teacher to give kids a safe haven and a better future! It’s a strong and yet very sensitive song and showing she can also craft a song like this one! Russia: Heroes is not a David Bowie cover but a real metal track about people who worked hard to get back on their feet! I adore the music (and the synth, next to the drums and the great vocals). Last track is called Holy We Are Alone (and that’s also the title track of this album)! It’s the outro of the album and announces a lot of positive vibes!

Well: this was a real catch! Loved it and am eager to learn more about the background stories of each track! I hope Saeko can tour soon enough and spread the word about this well-crafted piece of art!

If you want to learn more abut this artist and the idea’s behind the album, please read this very interesting and honest interview:

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