PLIZZKEN releases video for 'Beware', album "... And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes" available now!

  Van Muylem    21 augustus 2021

With their debut album available now for purchase from Pirates Press Records and a number of self-produced videos already released, PLIZZKEN has released its newest video for their track "Beware." "'Beware' is one of the first tracks we wrote. The number turned out kind of rolling and with the riff in the beginning it was that kind of song I want to listen to on a road trip. I always remember the music my mum was listening to in the car while driving the car on a sunny day," says frontman Sebi Walkenhorst.

So when it came time to make the video, the band kept the premise simple - ride around on mopeds to recall their teenage days. But the video has more than just nostalgic vibes for Plizzken.

"'Beware' is lyrically a song for the outcasts, for the people who decided to live their lives as more than another name among the masses. But also, and this is very important for us, not acting like stupid wannabe tough guys and bullies," adds Walkenhorst.

The band's debut album, ...And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes, is available now on Pirates Press Records - home to incredible artists such as Cock Sparrer, The Old Firm Casuals, NOi!SE, The Aggrolites, The Slackers, and many others.