FEUERSCHWANZ - Die letzte Schlacht (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    23 augustus 2021

Germany’s hottest and most entertaining medieval folk rockers, FEUERSCHWANZ, released their virtual concert, Die letzte Schlacht, originally released in January this year, and presents an adventurous ride through the discography of FEUERSCHWANZ as well as a lovingly prepared visual framework story with the band itself as grandiose protagonists and storytellers. Topped by some great guest appearances, including Angus McFife (GLORYHAMMER), members of Saltatio Mortis and Patty Gurdy, this night to remember can now be experienced over and over again from the comfort of your own home. Secondly, HauptmannFeuerschwanz and his entourage revisit their virtually released open air (11:O:A) from their last album, the chartbreaking Das Elfte Gebot (The eleventh commandment, 2020), and deliver more than two hours of hits performed at the imposing setting of Abenberg Castle, from "Metnotstand im Märchenland" and "Schubsetanz" to "Unter dem Drachenbanner".

They start with the Powermet-Intro: a symphonic and very bombastic intro (fits them like a glove). I can see the fans cheering all along, but sadly only in my imagination as it’s a live stream gig and that is a bit something that is not really it. FEUERSCHWANZ is one of those bands you have to see on stage and feel the interaction with their fans. But hey they did this to please their fans and give them at least something! It’s with this last part that you have to listen to it or watch the DVD. Lords of Powermet is one of their typical powered up tracks with a strong live feel and is screaming for feedback from the audience. Check out the vocals, the violin, the powerplay … It’s the best song to start the real set! You can call the next track already a golden oldie and a must play on stage as you know the crowd will react in a strong way: Metnotstand im Märchenland. Scream and sing a long or simply start to dance! The flute plays a very important part here. It’s a bit weird to hear them fire up the audience with the beginning of Die Hörner hoch. It gives you a good idea on how it sounds when there is actually an audience, making it more like a real rehearsal before a tour starts. Moderation Schubsetanz has to be skipped if you don’t understand German, as it’s just some talking. Schubsetanz is a fast rocking track with a real party feel! Be ready to headbang and throw your arms in the air! After this comes a more recent hit: Das Elfte Gebot (feat. Saltatio Mortis) followed like almost directly by Totentanz. Moderation Metfest is another intermezzo and warming up for the next track: Metfest. Is a party track and will always be a hit!

Time for some harder stuff with the hammering of Meister der Minne! The chorus is still very catchy and will make you sing along (even in your sofa). No duet with Melissa this time and thus the first time I hear it in this version: Ding. The happy sound and the strong vocals make you jump in an sing along or jump up and down (it almost sounds like hip hop like this, but they also mix it with some death metal feel). Next song gets an intro with: Moderation Hauptmann und Maid (feat. Patty Gurdy, Saltatio Mortis). Making this song a must have as this is connecting the best bands in this genre! More partying and fun comes with Schildmaid (feat. Saltatio Mortis). Back to hard hitting with Kampfzwerg. Next one was a huge hit in it’s original form and here it even gets an extra touch: I See Fire (feat.Angus McFife). This was really a huge wow moment! Time for a short intermezzo with Das Hämmerunser before getting towards the end of this very special set with: Methämmer. Hammering & rocking like the best! Next one is another well-known cover from Powerwolf: Malleus Maleficarum! Enjoy the firework! The very last one is called: Unter dem Drachenbanner. Party and give it all for this last blow!

Well: this is all you had to miss or see it as this is all you well get soon enough! Party on and enjoy one of the hottest bands of the moment!





05.01.22 DE - Nuremberg / Löwensaal

06.01.22 DE - Berlin / Huxley's

07.01.22 DE - Leipzig / Felsenkeller

08.01.22 DE - Cologne / Carlswerk Victoria

13.01.22 DE - Frankfurt / Batschkapp

14.01.22 DE - Hanover / Pavillon

15.01.22 DE - Bremen / Aladin

20.01.22 AT - Vienna / Szene

21.01.22 AT - Graz / Dom Im Berg

22.01.22 DE - Munich / Backstage

27.01.22 DE - Saarbrücken / Garage

28.01.22 DE - Stuttgart / Im Wizemann

29.01.22 CH - Pratteln / Z7

04.02.22 DE - Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle

05.02.22 DE - Hamburg / Große Freiheit 36


Hauptmann Feuerschwanz - vocals, guitar

Johanna von der Vögelweide - violin, hurdy-gurdy

Sir Lanzeflott – drums

Jarne Hodinsson – bass

Prinz Hodenherz - flutes, bagpipe, guitars, vocals

Hans der Aufrechte – guitar