Implant - I Don't Trust The Machines EP (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    4 september 2021

Boosted by the success of their “Cognitive Dissonance” album and their hi-energy return to the stage after so many months of forced confinement, the IMPLANT duo strike back accompanied by their army of killer robots for an uplifting revamp of three album songs all entirely redesigned and regenerated by IMPLANT themselves!

Fruit of AI rather than cloning technology, this new 6-track EP is the result of uncounted studio hours of self-reinvention and annihilation, zeroing self-infliction and ecstatic joy maximising this way the diversity and originality of this release. The brilliant melodic elektro track “I Don’t Trust The Machine” gets this way cranked up into a high-bpm dancefloor ass-shaker in its “shadow IT rmx” form, while the “process mining rmx” takes a more retro electro-clash turn after the experimental ambient “bring your own device rmx” lost us in the labyrinth matrix of random modular synths.

The new version of “The Room” pushes this instrumental track into the Belgian New Beat realms while “The King And The Rebel” received an extra melodic synth treatment making it even more catchy and addictive than the original version.