The Ultimate Dreamers – Live Happily While Waiting For Death (Wool-E Discs)

  Van Muylem    26 september 2021

The Ultimate Dreamers are a post-punk / cold wave band from Brussels (original from Lessines) who worked on some demos between 1986 and 1990. The demos got revamped and remastered. On the 1/10/2021 you will be able to buy a physical copy via Wool-E Discs / Dans les Profondeurs as a vinyl, CD. You will also be able to buy it digital.

The story goes that their singer (Frédéric Cotton) was cleaning out his house and found the old demo’s. He posted about it on Facebook and pretty fast question came to launch it after an auditive cleaning up. Right after the launching there will be some gigs and maybe even new material (some new gear was bought and the band is very enthusiastic). They even found a vocal coach and drive it out towards an almost professional way of going on! It gets really serious!

The first track is called I Love You?! The song starts like an electronic cold wave track with electronic drums and a synth. The vocals sound like sung in a cave with a lot of echo on it (making it hard to understand the vocals). I’m sure it will sound much better on stage (if Fred goes for clean vocals and no echo effect). The tempo is good and gives the song the right touch. Japanese Death brings in an heavier feeling and more darkness. This time the vocals are understandable. I can hear the French accent in some words (not as bad as what you hear when you listen to Soko, but still). Knowing their singer he will work on it by the time he jumps on stage for the first time in 30 years! The sound is ok, the tempo is very slow and goes well will the lyrics. Never Die sounds a bit like the darkest tracks of The Cure (Pornography). The second voice jumps in for the first time and gives the song a classic touch. The outro is very 80’s too. Female Zone goes a bit faster with the synth upfront and a clear bas. The song is almost catchy. Education mixes a great bas with a good synth sound. For the first time you nearly hear the vocals (except for some words and they are like deformed by a machine). Funeral Walz has something special and is so far the best track on the album. It has potential. The name of the track describes what the song is: a funeral Walz! The vocals are the best from all the previous songs! I Hate You?! Brings in for the first time a clear guitar sound and a strong sound! It’s as if the best tracks are coming in the end! It’s a good cold wave track! A Long Time Ago brings in more guitars and a good bass! I think I even hear a real drum? I like the phrase: “We save the day when we don’t suck”! I even hear a slice of Siglo XX in it (drums and bass)! Laughing Furniture has the funniest title of the album. The bas is great again, whilst the synth is a bit too much upfront. The vocals are ok. I think I need the lyrics to understand this song completely. No Matter starts like a typical Siglo XX track. The main difference are the vocals. The last track has a French title: S'envoler. The song is also sung in French, whilst the wind is blowing really hard and gives it some kind of a doomed feeling. The synth sounds very sad too. It’s not the happiest song to end an album and according to my wife the worst song of the album. But hey: we all have our own taste and our own idea's of what is good and what is bad. Don't forget that this recording is how they sounded 30 years ago! This also means that they have grown, acquired more experience, got better gear ... So enjoy with this last phrase in mind whilst listening to it!

I can’t wait to see them on stage and hope a lot of bands will come and check them out as their singer is the guy in Brussels who gets a lot of people to all the gigs and festivals he ever organized! I hope he will master his nerves well!

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Don't forget to get your ticket for the release show: 2nd October 😎