This can Hurt – Mikaela (Self-release)

  Van Muylem    7 oktober 2021

This Can Hurt is a band from Belgium: mixing guitars with electronics and with good vocals! This one is a prelude of the upcoming album foreseen in 2022 (release is depending on how the pandemic situation is going).

With Mikaela This Can Hurt mixes a great guitar sound with slices of industrial and stadium rock! The vocals are great (as usual). It has enough potential to be aired on the radio (at least Radio Willy will play it here, I am pretty sure). The more you listen to it the more you will be addicted to i! So give it a few shots and get hooked!

B-side is a darker song called Live With Me (it’s a Massive Attack cover). The tempo is lower and the vocals are also more on a talking than a screaming level. After a while there a power shot, but all in all the song keeps the dark feeling and sounds like a fresh version of the original and once again the vocals are really great (here with a more melancholic feel).

This prelude is just the max! I can’t wait for more!

The video will be online tomorrow.

Here's an older clip for those who want to listen to older stuff: