DRACONIAN Announces Re-Issues of Remarkable Full-Length Albums, Where Lovers Mourn (2003) & Arcane Rain Fell (2005)!

  Van Muylem    20 oktober 2021

Swedish doom/gothic union DRACONIAN will release the atmospheric re-issues of their guiding full-lengths Where Lovers Mourn (2003) and Arcane Rain Fell (2005) on vinyl on December 17, 2021 via Napalm Records.

The Scandinavians’ 2003 album, Where Lovers Mourn, marked a memorable debut filled with stunning atmosphere of unease and sadness. The eight compositions offer melancholic, plaintive guitar melodies and a dark yet melodic male vocal alternating between aggression and chanting in contrast with the angelic voice of former vocalist Lisa Johansson. Their first offering also doesn't shy away from extended-length tracks. In addition, there is a wealth of variety in terms of peaceful piano parts, subtle string inserts, folk interjections and orchestral passages giving the gothic/doom influenced piece of art a flair all its own.

The second studio-album, Arcane Rain Fell, proudly builds upon the Swedish unit’s first creation. With a musically darker and also heavier opus, DRACONIAN venture into poetic lyrical landscapes. A major part of this new lightness is due to a noticeable reduction of the keyboard bombast and above all the poetically inspired lyrics, presented in a both beautiful and dark vocal duet, which takes the listener into a world of sound equally as sorrowful as it is beautiful. The re-issue promises an eerily beautiful atmosphere, full of dark romance as if made for cold winter evenings.

Anders Jacobsson and Johan Ericsson add:

“Our debut album Where Lovers Mourn shows a broad variety of influences, from doom to folk music, all with the gothic vibe that followed us from our first demo. It mostly consisted of reworked material from our demo, Dark Oceans We Cry, released the year prior. You can hear still hear traces of this era in our most recent works.

With Arcane Rain Fell we cemented our sound and took a big step with our song writing. It’s very dear to us and our fans, still to this day. Lyrically it was a continuation of the Luciferian influence starting with our 1999 demo A Closed Eyes of Paradise.”

Pre-Order your copies of Where Lovers Mourn and Arcane Rain Fell HERE!

Where Lovers Mourn will be available as 2LP Gatefold in marbled silver/black and Arcane Rain Fell enchants as 2 LP Gatefold in marbled green transparent/black, each limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Where Lovers Mourn tracklist:

1. The Cry Of Silence

2. Silent Winter

3. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

4. The Solitude

5. Reversio ad Secessum

6. The Amaranth

7. Akherousia

8. It Grieves My Heart

Arcane Rain Fell  tracklist:

1. A Scenery of Loss

2. Daylight Misery

3. The Apostacy Canticle

4. Expostulation

5. Heaven Laid in Tears

6. The Abhorrent Rays

7. The Everlasting Scar

8. Death, Come Near Me

In 2022, DRACONIAN will finally be back on stages for a European headline tour in march to support their latest, chart-breaking album Under A Godless Veil (2020). Don’t miss this intriguing live experience as the godless veil envelops your city, and let yourself become part of an awesome night to remember.

+ Nightfall

10.03.22 PL - Warsaw / Hydrozagadka

11.03.22 PL - Gdansk / Drizzly Grizzly

12.03.22 DE - Berlin / Nuke

13.03.22 DE - Leipzig / Hellraiser

14.03.22 CZ - Prague / Black Pes

15.03.22 DE - Regensburg / Eventhall Airport

16.03.22 DE - Mannheim / MS Connexion Complex

17.03.22 DE - Dortmund / Junkyard

18.03.22 DE - Hamburg / Kronensaal

19.03.22 NL - Enschede / Metropool

20.03.22 NL - Rotterdam / Baroeg

21.03.22 BE - Antwerpen / Zappa

22.03.22 FR - Rennes / Ubu

23.03.22 FR - Paris / Petit Bain

24.03.22 CH - Zürich / Werk 21

25.03.22 IT - Paderno / Slaughter Club

26.03.22 IT - San Donà di Piave / Revolver

27.03.22 AT - Vienna / Viper Room



Anders Jacobsson - vocals

Heike Langhans - vocals

Johan Ericsson - guitar

Daniel Arvidsson - guitar

Jerry Torstensson - drums