Tickets and some names for dunk!festival 2022!

  Van Muylem    14 november 2021

Shaping up the lineup is probably the best way to look into the future! We're very happy to welcome Bersarin QuartettOh HiroshimaIt Was A Good Dream and Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet! dunk!festival 2022 gets more and more a good shape!

“Imaginary fictional soundtracks, ambient, neo classic” - that is how the music of Thomas Bücker is described - yes, Bersarin Quartet is actually a solo project, however live a 4-piece. His minimal compositions are meticulously layered with soundscapes, field recordings and synths with only one objective: to mesmerize the listener just like in the movies. Except in this case pure sound replaces the narrative without distractions with the cinema being an empty space, as your personal projection surface, and the Theaterzaal the perfect…theatre. Screening at dusk, popcorn not included.

Sweden is a hotbed for all kinds of genres and with instrumental music there is no exception. Just to name a few, we already had pg. lost, EF, Immanu El and A Swarm Of The Sun performing at dunk!festival over the years. Another great addition to this list is Oh Hiroshima who have been around for over a decade and bring ethereal floating riffs often climaxing to a fantastic wall of sound, accompanied by refined chants.

The Boston, MA duo It Was A Good Dream travels within a world of delicate textures, contemplative nuance and passionate outpour, a band that encompasses the aesthetics of traditional post-rock while embracing its ever-growing sonic palette. Listeners will find carefully-crafted, elegantly twinkling guitar melodies whose sweet siren sounds call forth crescendos that come crashing with dramatic impact. Their debut album Help Me To Recollect was released on dunk!records on the third day of dunk!festival 2019 but this time they will be there to bring it live to you.

Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet - literally meaning ‘Stories That Lead To The End’ - will tell you dark and heavy sonic tales at dunk!festival. The typical Nordic metal that defines other Scandinavian bands is one of the influences you will find in their music, however they do imply gentle and fragile passages making it an overal accessible and cinematic experience.