We present you: King's Rage (BE) new single!

  Van Muylem    15 november 2021

King's Rage is a Belgian band originally from Quaregnon (Mons Hainaut). They have a particular style with a mixture of rock,hardrock and metal while still keeping their captivating songs in English and with great melody. Most of the band members are childhood friends. In September 2017, they decide to create a project known as none other than King's Rage. In January 2018, the band stands out by making an amazing music video with the song "No Pain No Gain" in collaboration with the biggest Belgian " MMA" event called (European Beatdown).

They will launch a new EP in January 2022: Stronger! Produced, mixed and mastered by CHRIS CLANCY (Machine head/Kill the lights/kataklysm)! Chris works alongside the world famous Colin Richardson.

1.Death machine


3.Before you go

4.Rock n'roll chick



Now up to the new single and clip: Before You Go! The song is very melodic and has some melancholia in it. It's the kind of songs I can listent to endlessly! I can hear it's indeed produced, mixed and mastered by a genius! I love the smoking guitars towards the end and the vocals are great (as always)! Can't wait to be able to see them back in action on stage! This is one of the bands you have to book in 2022!

And for those who still have to discover their biggest hit so far: