Bat Eyes - Bat Eyes (PIAS)

  Van Muylem    21 november 2021

Belgian indie quartet Bat Eyes release their self-titled debut EP. ‘Bat Eyes’ is a powerpop homerun. 4 tracks that burn & shine with hooks, melodies and distorted guitars. The EP collects 3 of the bands previous singles and adds the brand-new ‘I Don’t Mind’ to it.

Formed as a 3-piece in 2019 when frontman Koen Wijnant decided to record a full album out of the home demos he had been piling up, they upgraded to a 4-piece by early 2020. With Luna De Bruyne on bass/vocals duties, Tomas Serrien on drums and Birger Ameys on guitar the band self-released 3 singles.

Belly is a typical indie rock song with a 80’s hoovering sound and a retro touch on the vocals. It’s hard to believe it’s a brand new song and not a classic track from ages ago performed by a world famous band. This says it all about the quality of this band from Belgium! I don’t Mind sounds a bit more relaxed, like recorded in summertime whilst the sun heats up the place (or after smoking a joint). Saving Up starts like on fire and slows a bit down after a while. I like the drive and the energy! Loria is already the last song and sounds very sweet. It’s a good end for this way too short EP and that is always a good thing! Can’t wait to listen to the complete album!

Bat Eyes debut EP is out now digitally, out physically on November 26th and a full-length album is expected in 2022. And yes we shouted single of the week!