The Wolf Banes launch a very catchy track: The Day The Music Died! But our national radio's ingnore it totally and that is not right!

  Van Muylem    26 november 2021

Who Doesn't know the legendary band from Belgium: The Wolf Banes! I was a fan when I was a youngster and I still play some of their tracks on my personal tracks! This one will for sure be part of it from now on!

The Wolf Banes is more then just the great vocals of Wim Punk! Check here:

  • Wim(meke) Punk - vocals/guitar/theremin
  • Berre Van Hoeylandt - guitaar
  • Pieter 'Pip' Vreede - guitaar/bas
  • Wim Aerts: drums 
  • Frank Van Laethem: gitaar