LP – Churches (PIAS)

  Van Muylem    1 december 2021

Singer-songwriter LP, who has more than two billion streams to her name and a devout global fan following, will release her highly anticipated sixth album CHURCHES on December 3rd via [PIAS] Recordings. We already listened to the album and decided to review it and judge it for you.

The lush and captivating Churches was executive produced by Mike Del Rio (Kylie Minogue, X Ambassadors, Skylar Grey). In addition to tracks produced by Del Rio, Churches includes production by Nate Campany (Tove Lo, K.Flay, Christina Aguillera) and Kyle Shearer (Becky G, Tove Lo, Carly Rae Jepsen) – collectively known as Valley Girl; Lars Stalfors (Health, Local Natives, Cold War Kids); two-time Grammy winner Dan Wilson (Adele, Pink, Leon Bridges, James Bay); Dan Nigro (Olivia Rodrigo, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sky Ferreira); and Isabella Machine Summers (Florence & The Machine). The album was mastered by multi-Grammy winner Emily Lazar(HAIM, Maggie Rogers, The Killers, Vampire Weekend, Coldplay).

All this to tell you the album has been crafted until it was impossible to get it better!

Here’s a quote from the artist: “LP shares about Churches, “This album feels like a friend. A friend who took me through one of the most trying times in human history and a fairly trying time in my own personal history. So many real stories and realizations that I feel like I was able to share here.” She continues on the process, “Creating with my best friends is a gift I never take for granted and the excitement of meeting new simpatico collaborators is also such a beautiful experience. Like falling in love. I will be forever falling in and out of love. Forgive me but I feel like this is the essence of life and although painful I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I feel like it is my path to convey this emotion among others. I’m so grateful for these songs and the people who made them with me. To be able to bring them to you finally is a dream come true. Thank you.”

When We Touch is the opening track and sounds very romantic and o so fragile. The sound is a mix of sweetness and a little angel singing over your shoulders until she opens he throat and almost screams it out. I adore the piano and the sound that comes close to a bird singing (I think it’s somebody whistling). The end is almost symphonic and a real auditive explosion. Next one sounds really known in my ears (and I’m not listening to the radio anymore, so that says it all): Goodbye. I like the tempo, the vibe and the whole sound. The song sounds like how spring would sound like if it was a song! It’s a very positive and strong song! Everybody’s Falling In Love sounds almost like Lady Gaga or a similar commercial star with a great song and well produced! Once again the vibes are really positive! The song makes you happy and that is always a good thing! The One That You Love sounds very familiar. I like the guitar play (reminds me a bit of Hooverphonic) and the vocals who change every 30 seconds. The classic touch every now and then is also really a good thing. Rainbow is a softer and more intimate track. It’s an easy listening kind of a song whilst dreaming of … a rainbow and all the good things behind it. One Last Time sounds a bit more into melancholia and has a good tempo whilst the music sounds like something you will hear a lot on the radio. This song has enough potential to make it and become a worldwide hit! Just listen to the Lalalala moments! The chorus is really great and I adore her vocals! Another great one is called My Body. Once again hit potential! The vocals are top, the tempo great and the music crafted to perfection! It has a bit of 50/60’s in it, genre The Supreme’s. Another single is Angels: a very positive song, filled with love and goodness. The drums are cool and define the sound. More relaxed and even a bit into jazz is the song called: How Low Can You Go. It’s not the most positive song on this album but I like the vibe. The vocals go from hight to low as in 1.2.3. Yes has an acoustic guitar and a very warm and deep soul-minded sound until the song explodes in a gentle way and more instruments are stepping in. This one moves a bit like the sea: in waves, going up and down with a steady tempo. Conversation has a very loud bass and very good vocals (next to the nice acoustic guitar). This was the song where my 7 year old daughter asked me if I could add this one to her personal playlist (she’s a huge fan of good female vocals like The Bangles, Pat Benatar, Heart & Sylver). It’s a pearl! I cherish this song too! Can’t Let You Leave has some kind of a Christmas feeling with a very positive feel. The drums are great and uplift the vocals. Once again the vocals go high and low as if it’s a child’s play and thus showing off her vocal capacities! This is really a wow momentum! I think I know now who will be the best female vocalist of the year! The title track Churches is very soulful with that old school 50/60’s touch and a perfect crafted studio sound! I adore the bass: nice and clear! From time to time we hear a lead guitar and strong backings, but it’s clear who leads! Poem is the outro. Nothing special, just a spoken word.

Well: I never ever expected to review this one, but somehow I did and I actually enjoyed it! The fact that my 7 year old daughter asked to have it in her personal playlist says enough about the quality of this album! It’s great music and the vocals are really top! I hope this artist becomes as big and well known as possible and gets more and more fans all over the world! I start spreading the word from now on!

29.01.2022 @ De Roma, Antwerpen