Tara C Taylor - “Under the The Influence: A Tribute to 40 Years of Depeche Mode (Soundcloud/Youtube)

  Van Muylem    9 januari 2022

Tara C Taylor is a Canadian singer/songwriter/musician currently living in Berlin! Her music is showing off her wide range of capacities and good taste for different kind of styles.

Puppets is one of the lesser known tracks and gets some guitars in the beginning. Tara’s vocals sound ok, just have to get used not to hear Dave singing it. I can hear an electric drum machine too. The 80’s resonate clearly in this cover version and that is a good thing.

Black Celebration gets a spooky and dark haunting sound and slowly builds up. The vocals go pretty high on the tone ladder. It’s a good alternative version!

The Things You Said sounds way more closer to the original as the songs I heard before. I like it this way. I can imagine fans will love this version.

Sweetest Perfection comes also pretty close to the original but could have gotten a bit more fire in the vocals. Somehow I miss that little sparkle that I heard in the other songs and it also sounds like as if she was a bit struggling to keep the right tone. It’s not an easy song to cover, that’s clear.

Dangerous has a more disco minded sound and gets extra vocals from Matthew Presidente. This version sounds pretty funny and Abba-minded.

Enjoy The Silence is the last one and is one of their biggest hits. You have to get over the original before you start to be able to listen to it. Matthew Presidente is here also with his vocals and does the backings. The little piano parts are great, just as the guitar parts.

Well it’s not bad to start the year and this might even be the first time I review this artist, however I know and follow her since a long time. Enjoy the covers and discover them on het Soundcloud or YouTube channel!


Tara C Taylor | Acoustic Meets Dance!