CONSVMER share new video “Blanc”, new album "Obsession" is out now!

  Van Muylem    22 februari 2022

In their first album, "Obsession", Consvmer addresses the worst crimes of humankind, putting themselves in the heads of serial killers, slavery advocates, and tyrants to try and have a glimpse at their sick obsession. The lyrics are very socially critical and reflect the deep, disturbing mood of the songs. The band wanted to create an extreme feeling of darkness in the listener's head with this album.

Musically no limits have been set. The band goes back and forth between Deathcore, beatdown, alternative metal, and metalcore, aiming to create a unique new sound for themselves. Obsession is the band's most complex and most emotional work to date. It represents two years of hard work and will begin a new chapter. Consvmer want to create an extreme dark feeling with their music that is intended to make the listeners reflect.

"Blanc" is the outro song on "Obsession" that is meant to convey hope and gratitude. "Lyrically, it describes a person with little self-awareness, fractured and lost in their messed up obsessive world, who takes its own life by abusing drugs. However, the person was not aware that he was a light in the darkness for other people and is remembered with gratitude despite the passing," commented vocalist Daniel Fischer about the song. "Musically, we have set ourselves no limits and combined different genres. This has resulted in an extremely hard and multifaceted album with lots of melodic choruses."


Dennis Ackermann - Vocals

Daniel Fischer - bass & guitar

Dennis Fischer - drums


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Album Tracklist:


In meinem Himmel


Erklärt Euch




Die letzte Brücke



Für eure Tyrannen


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