Worlds Beyond - Symphony of Dawn (self-release)

  Van Muylem    3 maart 2022

Fans of Nightwish, Within Temptation, Evanescence … will certainly take the music in their heart. Songwriter Tijmen gets inspired by other symphonic metal bands, but also by rock bands such as X Japan and My Chemical Romance. You wont notice it maybe but this is a band from Belgium and has clearly an international cachet!

Film music and soundtracks also provide a big inspiration for the hybrid rock sound of the band. There is an interplay between the emotional and cinematic on one side, and the rock and metal on the other. The songs are mostly about dreams, escapism, beauty, marvel etc. and find their inspiration regularly in stories and nature walks. The lyrical music and imaginative verses are the wondrous result.

The vocals of singer Valerie provide a more classical undertone. She writes the many vocal harmonies on the album and part of the lyrics. For this, she mainly uses her emotions and life events as an inspiration.

So far the band needs to build up a bigger fanbase and is reaching out and working hard on it. This album is out since December 2020 and reached me now. I listened to some tracks and decided to give them a little push in the back as they are clearly worth spending my precious time, blood and sweat!

Wonder starts like as if it came out of a movie score with a very professional sound! You can hear a bit of a bombastic sound and lots of classic instruments. In the end it appears to be an intro: really impressive! Winterstorm takes over in a very fluid way. For the first time we also hear some guitars. It’s clear we are on the path of a symphonic metal album with a soundtrack score. Valerie also shows off her vocal possibilities as she switches from soprano voice to a more regular clean voice whilst going high and low with her voice! It’s simply a blast of a track! I can’t understand this band hasn’t reach out more and gained more popularity! Check out the violin and the choir!

Ice King could be the male version of Ice Queen, but it’s still sung by a women. The backings are well done and really an extra asset needed to lift this song to a higher level! Feel the energy and the pathos! Moonlight starts with a piano, followed by some strings and a clear classic approach. It’s a sweet ballad with some guitars in it. This song also shows they can be strong within the ballad genre.

Fallen Star is a soft and angelic song that sounds o so sweet! It’s a beauty! Once again I hear that they totally deserve a spot on big festivals and not as opener! The Fay opens softly with a piano and suddenly changes into a typical symphonic metal track with lots of bombastic moments. Valerie once sings like a nightingale and the other time like a women who’s ready to go to battle. It’s impressive! Child In The Light is a more guitar minded track, but also has it sweet moments. Once again you’ll hear how clean and clear the vocal lines are! Am I Lost mixes an angelic voice with a classic symphonic metal sound mixed with a film score. The vocals are just heavenly! This could be Xandria or any other huge international band! Symphony Of Dawn starts softly (piano) until the vocals explode and gets joined by the guitars, bass, drums and violin. The song goes up and down and moves on live waves within a stormy sea. The outbursts are really powerful! One is a song filled with pathos and has clearly a classic touch. Is the kind of song that fills any room with music. With each time you listen to it you discover new details in the music. It’s also the kind of song that blows you out of your boots! Wow! Edge Of Faith is a hard hitter and even got a clip! Enjoy and rock along whilst headbanging or play air guitar! Towards the end you will hear an angel singing and yes it’s Valerie’s voice!

Last one is Child In The Light (Acoustic) proves that their music doesn’t need the bombastic sound and can also be great stripped. This version also makes very clear that Valerie has a very good and strong voice. The classical touch is also clearly their trademark and they know how to deal with it to make it work! Congratz!

I really hope they get more fans, more gigs (bigger and higher on the spot)! They really deserve it!