OH HIROSHIMA Releases "Ascension" Lyric Video! New Album Out This Friday!

  Van Muylem    3 maart 2022

Swedish post-rock duo OH HIROSHIMA is currently gearing up for the release of their fourth studio album, Myriad, out this Friday, March 4, on Napalm Records. In support of their hotly anticipated record release, the band just premiered a brand new lyric video clip for the haunting, third album single "Ascension"!

It’s that mixture of emotions – from infinite sadness to moments of clarity and heart-rending melodies blending into a rumbling volcano of aesthetic noise and ferocious power, but also the unique use of trumpets, cello and trombones throughout – that sees OH HIROSHIMA outclass and grow renowned not only in post-rock circles, but beyond. Following their latest magnum opus, Oscillation in 2019, and due to pandemic lockdowns, for Myriad the band channeled all of their time and creativity into delivering an epic successor. 

Tracks such as "Ascension" – with its glistening guitar lines and the otherworldly voice of Jakob Hemström – leave you lost in a sphere of said sadness mixed with light and hope, matching the imposing sonic melancholy of the track and throughout the record.

“We’re very happy to present one last song before the release of our coming record Myriad on March 4th"Jakob Hemström comments. "Ascension is one of the more dreamy and mellow tracks on the album, meant to offer a nice balance to Myriad as a whole - Though we couldn’t resist to put the ending of the song on fire.”

Myriad was recorded by Kristian Karlsson (pg.lostCult Of Luna), and once again mixed and mastered by Cult Of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg. Upon becoming a duo due to former bassist Simon Forsberg departing the band in early 2021, OH HIROSHIMA were provided a challenging chance to step up their songwriting game. There is still a hefty dose of post-rock to be heard on Myriad, but brothers Jakob Hemström and Oskar Nilsson managed to kick down the creative walls of the band, making use of a much broader musical palette. With MyriadOH HIROSHIMA demonstrate outstanding ability – melding captivating melody with epic, fulminating fervency, and delivering a majestic masterpiece that will undoubtedly be a strong album of the year contender!

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Myriad Tracklist:
01. Nour
02. Veil of Certainty
03. All Things Pass
04. Ascension
05. Humane
06. Tundra
07. Hidden Chamber


Jakob Hemström - Guitars, vocals, bass
Oskar Nilsson - Drums


09.05.22 DE - Köln / Gebäude 9 
10.05.22 FR - Paris / Petit Bain 
11.05.22 FR - Angoulême / La Nef 
12.05.22 ES - Bilbao / Stage Live 
13.05.22 PT - Porto / Casa da Música 
14.05.22 PT - Lisbon / LAV

15.05.22 ES - Madrid / Mon 
17.05.22 ES - Murcia /Garaje 
18.05.22 ES - Barcelona / Apolo 2 
19.05.22 FR - Lyon / Ninkasi Kao 
20.05.22 CH - Geneva / PTR L’Usine 

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