Slava Ukraini! by Various Artists (Fundraiser for Ukraine)

  Van Muylem    6 maart 2022

Quote from the people who launched this one: "As we watch the terrible events unfold in Ukraine, House of Mythology and HoMAleph feel we must do something. We have therefore compiled a mammoth (and we hope exciting) compilation for your listening pleasure, featuring unreleased and unrealised tracks kindly donated to this project by the likes of Current 93, Ulver, Nick Blinko, Youth, Michael Cashmore, Laniakea, Daniel O'Sullivan, Teleplasmiste, Samuel Joseph and The Guiding Hand, Alora Crucible, Stian Westerhus and many more. Please donate as much as you can and, of course, enjoy the music. All money will go to The International Committee of the Red Cross."

It seems more and and more needed to help people and with sharing this music, donating and spreading the word that War is not the solution we all can help and every tiny bit helps. My heart bleeds each time I watch the news or read about the atrocity happening in Europe!

This said I focus now on the music. Keep in mind that I know almost none of the mentioned artist here: it was also a discovery for me! First song comes from Youth:Spinning Wheel (Previously Unreleased). It’s aa very fragile and very emotional song, fitting this compilation and its purpose! Laniakea:Hyperion (Previously Unreleased) has an eclectic sound with the drums upfronted! The music sounds hopeful but also has something melancholic. It’s my favourite track in here! The pop/rock sounds is really great, just as the tempo and the vide! Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O:Europa (First Light) sounds like a dark Cold Meat minded track from the past. It’s a scary soundscape. Alora Crucible:Bottomless Madrugada is a bluesy minded soundscape with a dreamy touch. Ulver:Machine Guns and Peacock Feathers (Carpenter Brut Remix) sounds like electro pop with a retro touch and has the right lyrics for this compilation. I adore the melancholic male vocals!

Current 93: Death Of The Corn (Previously Unreleased) is the only artist on this compilation I know. Dark alternative neofolk from the UK. It’s a good track filled with sadness. Nick Blinko:A Pawn In The Game (Previously Unreleased) sounds like a demo from the 80’s and has a very experimental sound. The title fits well here! I’m pretty sure this one might get some new fans! Daniel O'Sullivan:Waterbearer (Previously Unreleased) sounds like a soundscape from the Ukrainian nature mixed with some music a child reading some poetry. Current 93: Killy Kill Killy *A Fire Sermon* (Previously Unreleased) is a very long track: over 12 minutes. The song screams out and rages against war whilst the music is very much into dark alternative neofolk (with even some monks chanting). Ulver:Club Fuego is a new wave minded piece of music without any vocals. Teleplasmiste: To Kiss Earth Goodbye is dark and gloomy soundscape with a scary feel. Michael Cashmore:You Are The Divine Center Of Vibration is a slow growing instrumental that gets a wider range of instruments/sound towards the end. Alora Crucible: Synaxarion of John Isangelous is another instrumental: mixing strings with a synthesizer. Zu:The Dawning Moon of the Mind takes out 20 minutes and sounds like a Japanese instrumental mixed with some relaxation bridges. Halfway it gets a darker feel whilst towards the end it gets a bit more into a fading out darkened touch. Current 93: If A City... (Previously Unreleased) touches you deeply as it’s a sad, fragile and very melancholic song. I like the strings and the piano. Stian Westerhus: How Long takes you out for more than 8 minutes and is a very experimental song with very good vocals (could have been a bit more upfronted), reminding me of the softer side of Radiohead. It’s clearly a beauty Michael Cashmore:Witnesses The First Codes Of New Creation (Previously unreleased). This one mixes a rock sound with a piano, some electronics and has no vocals. HHY & The Macumbas - Ergot Glitter is driven by the drums and has a cool 80’s touch mixed with some drum’n bass. I feel it could even be used during a DJ set. The Stargazer's Assistant:Arinitti (Previously unreleased) is a dreamy soundscape with a guitar softly weeping. Ulver: Nostalgia has the correct title and sounds poppy and melancholic. The singer really has a good and nice voice! Stian Westerhus:Hold On. Balances between rock and industrial. Samuel Joseph & The Guiding Hand:Back Home (Previously Unreleased) is one of my favourite tracks in here as I adore the vocals and the melancholic touch. The music might sound simple but it’s really well balanced! Last one of this impressive compilation comes from Embracing the Ruins:The Lyre Of Blood Will Drive Off All Evil. It’s a 10:39 during dark Cold Meat minded trip. The perfect song to scare the shit out of you on a lonely night.

I wasn’t sure on how to review this one. I hope I did it good enough for you as there is a lot for lovers of all kind of genre’s. I hope you get inspired and love some songs from in here! Stop the war and leave the Ukrainians live their life!

Artwork painted by David Tibet

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