Los Snatcheros - las aventuras de los diablos locos (bandcamp)

 Silke D    11 maart 2022

Started as an online fun project between 3 rawkstarved amigos during covid, somewhere in Belgium. We are not here to change the world muchachos & chicas. So don't be turd and let les bonne temps roulez!

Tutti frutti state of mind is pure rockabilly minded rock: short but fast! The song has a good guitar sound and the vocals really sound like as if sung by some 60’s singer! For retro lovers! Rock on! More of the same comes with They say i'm the devil. I also hear a bit of backings. I have no idea what the title of this song means: Thunderbird stomp. It’s somehow the least appealing of the 3 songs.

All in all it was a good but short intro and I can believe they had fun creating and recording it. We’ll see if they hit the stages this summer or if it will be just a studio project and funtime!

las aventuras de los diablos locos | Los Snatcheros (bandcamp.com)