Technomancer – Ecstasy EP (feat. Jonas Groth) (Sub Culture Records/SND.WAV)

  Van Muylem    25 maart 2022

Alexandria J. Digre is the person behind Technomancer (an electro pop production with a clear 80’s influence) and just announced there will be a full new album this summer if all goes according to the masterplan.

As Alexandria remixes every now and then track from other artists it must have been easy to ask something in return. I suppose that’s the reason why Jonas Groth (Piston Damp) accepted to lend his vocals for one track. And for those who still don’t know: Jonas is indeed family related with Stephan Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk).

We start with Ecstasy (feat. Jonas Groth) extended version and it builds up slowly. Jonas jumps in as second voice and yes you can hear his vocals come close Stephan’s. I hear a clear 80’s sound (just listen to the electric drums). The chorus is really catchy and both voices are really mixed off to perfection: sometimes they melt together, sometimes they strengthen one to the other. It’s a very poppy song with a good vibe and really feels like as if you step into the 80’s and join them on stage! It’s a first-class track and top collaboration! Next one is Ecstasy (feat. Jonas Groth) Piston Dampversion: here we get a more modern sound, gone are the 80’s vibes. It’s a really fresh and strong version! I like it!

Another new track is called Shadows: it’s a softer, melodic and sweet song with a catchy feeling. It’s as if we are spreading sugar and flowers whilst listing to this song whilst the title is pretty dark. I think the song is about fearing the moment that one of your beloved ones will be taken into the shadows and might be gone for good. Ecstasy (feat. Jonas Groth) Lab 5 Remix is a reworked drum’n bass version with some techno influences and a bit of a DJ Regi touch (clap with your hands). The almost a-capella moment is also great!

Storm is another new track: the beginning and the end is a fade in and a fade out. The song gets real once you hear the drums and the enforced vocals. Lyric wis it feels like fighting with inner problems and asking yourself who you are. The synth gets some kind of solo (like a guitar solo) before the song ends. Last one is Ecstasy (feat. Jonas Groth) single edit and will be for sure be played a lot: it’s a short and strong version and deserves to become a hit! I hope the DJ’s pick it up, just as the radio stations!

There is hope and one day we all will be in ecstasy and maybe we will sing-along this song! I really dare to hope! So where is the clip?


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