MOLOTOV TRAIN presents new single / video 'K.T.K.'

 Silke D    6 april 2022

MOLOTOV TRAIN - inspired by the Finnish incendiary weapon the band name has unfortunately got a very martial topicality. The band members seem to have a pretty good nose for topicality anyways. While the first single was called 'Disobedience', which could well refer to the Ukrainian people, the second release is simply called 'K.T.K.'.

Abbreviated for "Kill The King", the song goes forward without frills and slams the listeners with widescreen guitars, varied drumming and a vocal acrobat with powerful bumblebees in the ass. This song is exactly a piece of music which warmongers like the Russian Kremlin leader should get in front of and have a look at himself in the mirror relentlessly. Unfortunately, no one can be weaned with music alone, but maybe the song puts a finger in the wound and motivates to stand up again for ideals and justice. In this sense - let's see what the guys will come up with next, be prepared. But before that, turn up the volume really loud and bang that head that doesn't bang...