Sons – Sweet Boy [PIAS]

  Van Muylem    22 april 2022

The gentlemen from Melsele (North of Flanders, near Antwerp) are back with brand new album 'Sweet Boy', due for release on April 22nd via [PIAS] Recordings. With ‘Sweet Boy’, the band is releasing an — in its own words — ‘coming of age’ record. A balancing act of a band that threw itself headfirst into the rock ‘n roll mayhem and now have to rhyme getting older and getting settled with their wild hope & dreams of the ragged rockstar life.

It’s an album that builds on the foundations of their debut and adds at least 4 more layers. Solid garage punk, anchored in the American West Coast tradition, pedal to the metal while looking to the future. Echoes of contemporary post-punk, nineties guitars and a touch of psychedelia. But above all: conviction!

Succeed has already been launched as a single with a clip! Somehow I knew it would be launched as a single as I predicted it in my first draft (right after that I got word it was launched as a single). This one mixes shortly a The Prodigy feel with punk attitude. Check the drums! The song is filled with energy and sounds fresh! It’s the perfect starter! Another great track and this time with a roaring bass is called: Nothing. Here again the drums hit hard and play’s an important role! The title track: Sweet Boy sounds a bit softer, but is still sharp and has heavy passage’s. The effects on the vocals are cool (however I’m not a big fan of effects on vocals). Hot Friday is pure rock’n roll and can even be called catchy! A smoking hot track! L.O.V.E. is like firing off missiles: 10.000 missiles towards your lover whilst screaming: it’s love! Momentary Bliss sounds a bit cheecky and sweet! I like the chorus and the fake backings! Another Round has a cool bassline, good drums and sharp vocals. Somehow I feel this one needs to become a single too and that thanks to the catchy chorus and sharp guitar play! Shadow Self is a sharp song with guitars on fire, making the vocals go on the run when it becomes too hot! I feel the potential of a hit in it! I Don't Want To is a sharp screaming rock’n roll track! Make sure to protect your ears!

Bike sounds like a modern punk rock song with influences from Ramones. I like the clapping part (it sounds like clapping hands and will for sure invite people to do so). The guitar play is succulent!

The last song on the album will hurt your ears in the beginning as it feels as if they all need to plug in, find the right chords end tunes before the song start for real: Pixelated Air! The rambling bass and hard hitting drums will keep you sharp! It’s a nice end for this album!

I hope you will be able to see them on stage with this new and very powerful album! Sons are ready to rock you!

28.04.22 — TRIX, ANTWERP


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