Through The Void – Life Is Cancelled EP (Independent Release)

  Van Muylem    26 mei 2022

Through The Void is a Belgian nu metal act. Their songs are made with raw energy, designed for live performance and better experienced in the pit. Their on-stage attitude pushed them forward to play gigs with Skindred, Kadinja and killthelogo.

“Our lyrics reflect what’s surrounding us, the everyday uneasiness coming from the abyss between what’s good and what the world is going through. Yet, beyond these statements, they always carry the hope and strength we need to go through this void.

We would describe ourselves as influenced by: Linkin Park, Slipknot and the good bad-ass energy of While She Sleeps. We aim to bring back the good 90’s music with a modern touch to it.

Do you hear the storm in you that you can’t hold in?

Rid yourself of all the dark thoughts

You can’t, can you?

Just let it go

Just let my energy get you

Just let yourself roam through the void.


Denied is the first track and starts with an industrial metal approach, until the guitars wake up and he sound gets louder and filled with energy! The song explodes and mixes male and female vocals, clean singing and screams/grunts! I can indeed hear the influence of Linkin Park! Answer gets a bit of hip hop metal, some break downs and some break outs! I hear a lot of variation within this song!

Enter starts with rambling guitars and vocals that comes close to hip hop metal mixed with some grunts and screams genre Rage Against The Machine. The backings gives the song the extra energy needed and the extra drive! I feel the rage for real! The parts that are sung in a clean way give a bit of a commercial touch. The hammering drums are also great! Believe throws a last bomb and does it from the start: screams, rambling guitars and hard hitting drums! I can feel the energy and get the message that all the tracks on this EP are crafted so that they can shine during the upcoming gigs! I feel it’s the perfect angle! Well done!






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