[PIAS] - Singles of the week #25: TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB gets the title of single of the week with their catchy spring song: WONDERFUL LIFE!

  Van Muylem    29 juni 2022

WARHAUS (BE) has a nice new single with OPEN WINDOW. TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB launch with WONDERFUL LIFE (RADIO EDIT) an excellent up tempo song with a catchy feel and a touch of spring! Feels perfect for the festival season! FATHER JOHN MISTY with BUDDY'S RENDEZVOUS (RADIO EDIT) also delivers a good, bluesy/jazzy and very melancholic ballad that got under my skin! If you want to hear the new Kate Bush single, just listen to this one: KADHJA BONET and JGS. Out of the 10 songs it's finally and after a bit of a debate TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB who gets the title of single of the week!


Warhaus aka Maarten Devoldere is back with a first taster from his brand new album, due for release later this year. Open Window is a slowly-evolving laid back track that opens up into a beautiful and expansive piece carried by epic string arrangements and flourishing piano. “'Open Window' is about keeping reality at bay in that comfortable bubble of denial. Definitely my favourite stage of heartbreak.” – Maarten Devoldere


With Pepper’s Ghost, Boogie Belgique wants to make you smile. The second single from their forthcoming fifth album Machine is the sunny, disco and chill-infused trip-hop excursion reminiscent of childhood coastal road trips and Cafe del Mar sunsets. A steady four on the floor anchors a swirling universe of halcyon choirs and funky guitar, with an emphasis on rhythmic pacing and a deep pocket. The track’s visual depicts the daily commute of workers in the 1950’s, traveling by train and boat, with a white, ghostlike figure emerging in these bustling crowds. The sublime, feel-good single will be released June 22nd on Boogie Belgique Records (Europe) and Le Plan Recordings (North America).

30/09 new album 'Machine' via [PIAS]
26/10 @ Botanique, Brussel


Two Door Cinema Club are back with the first single taken from the new album Keep On SmilingWonderful Life is a nod back to the pure rush of Two Door Cinema Club’s early output, an unwavering indie pop signal and the sound of a band that are more ambitious than they have ever been before in their 15 year, multi-platinum selling, festival headlining career.

02/09 new album 'Keep On Smiling' via Lower Third / [PIAS]
30/09 @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussel


Mwen vlé maché is the new standalone single from Delgres. Pascal Danaë tells : “'Mwen vlé maché' (I wanna walk) is a very simple and sunny song about the urge and the will to keep on walking through the hardship of life. If life is a parade, come rain or come shine, sometimes even with tears in our eyes, we've got to keep on dancing and singing all along until the end cause there's no turning back. We've got to keep on keeping on!


Puntjudith creates expressive Dutch electronic popmusic. Expect heavy beats, pulsating bass' and excistencial lyrics with a very personal touch. She has a past in the world of theater and loves to work together with people from the movie-, fashion- and musicindustry. She gets her inspiration from artists like James Blake, Spinvis, Nina Simone and De Staat.Puntjudith is the alter ego of Judith Rijsenbrij. You can also hear Adriaan Stoop (drums), Wannes Notenbaert (producer/bassist) and Antonio Glazkov (trumpet). 


Father John Misty is sharing single with the official video for Buddy's Rendezvous,  and it is a highlight from Chloë and The Next 20th Century, his internationally acclaimed new album. Also out  is Lana Del Rey’s gorgeous cover of Buddy’s Rendezvous, available now on all DSPs. Her interpretation of the song was previously only  available as a 7” single included with the limited edition box set of Chloë and The Next 20th Century.

06/03/23 @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussel


LA-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Kadhja Bonet releases her hypnotic, Kate Bush-esqe new single JGS (Just Getting Started) on Ninja Tune. It’s another highly personal release for the supremely talented vocalist who, when discussing the single, says that “my inspiration for JGS was my post partum depression. I often write what I need to hear and not what I want to say… this song is meant to remind you of the many opportunities for happiness you still have”. This is the third song she releases that is a glimpse into an upcoming full length album which she is currently working on.


The new single Mojito is the centerpiece of BILBAO’s debut album Shake Well, set for release on June 24th on [PIAS] Recordings. The Hamburg based band describe their new single as their perfect cocktail because it combines all genres that characterize their music in a single song: Indie rock guitars, crunchy bass synths and a catchy hook.  With already +1,2M streams of their previous singles, this band is on a roll and will be one of the hottest new acts of the German festival season. Playing +20 festival dates in their home country, it’s only a matter of time before Bilbao crossed the border.

24/06 new album 'Shake Well' via [PIAS] Recordings


Ahead of their upcoming debut album, Gotts Street Park are once again turning their inspiration to their seamless blend of traditional soul meets contemporary hip hop with new single Lost & Found featuring the remarkable vocal talent of Charlotte Dos Santos. “Lost and found is a song about falling in love and not being able to forget about a person. It's about being in all shades of love” explains Santos. Like a bouncy street lullaby, ‘Lost & Found’ sees Santos’ soaring voice voyage across simmering funkholds of echoing snares, synths and piano.


I JORDAN (fka India Jordan) releases new single Always Been, marking their first solo music since the release of their critically acclaimed 2021 EP Watch Out!, released on Ninja Tune. Tried and tested on the road since clubs and festivals re-opened in 2021, it has become staple of Jordan’s DJ sets this last year and has been honed and developed according to crowd reactions from Marseille to Mexico City; from Primavera to Parklife. The release is the first in a series of double-singles scheduled for release in 2022 from the unstoppable producer and DJ.