Dream Demon shared new single & video "Wasted Time"!

  Van Muylem    7 augustus 2022

Dream Demon have established themselves very quickly in the South African metal music scene, garnering international attention through social media channels and streaming services. Having already showcased a couple of synth-laden metalcore tracks and an arena rock anthem with the previous song "Fool Me" and "Caught in Suspension", the band intends to continue experimenting and crafting audio to bring energetic and eclectic offerings to their listeners and is back now with their new single "Wasted Time" showing a more contemplative side of their music. 

"Wasted Time is about looking back on a relationship that, in hindsight, was one-sided. Many of us have pursued relationships in our lives where the effort we put in was not reciprocated, and it leaves a very specific feeling of both hurt and anger. This song is written from the perspective of someone who is still pining for a love that never truly was, and aware that it never will be.” - Dream Demon.

You can listen to the new single  "Wasted Time" here: https://dreamdemon.lnk.to/wastedtime 

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