Nervosa + Burning Witches, 9/8/2022 Rock/Metal Café Hell Diest (BE)

  Van Muylem    10 augustus 2022

A lot of people showed up from the start in this small venue. It’s almost in the middle of the week and ok it’s during the holidays, but still! I have been here in the past (when it had another name) and must say I’m impressed by the changes and the crowd! It makes me happy!

I haven’t seen neither of the bands on stage before and was really looking forward to see them! I have reviewed Nervosa a lot in the past and launched some Burning Witches video’s in the past, but I don’t call myself a specialist of both bands. I’m here as I wanted to feel the music and see what it will give on stage.

Opening act of this double headliner tour is the Brazilian band Nervosa. The band had some internal changes, so this makes it a good test! It’s hot inside and the band refers pretty fast to the name of the place: it’s hot in Hell! Yet they heat up the place from the start: rambling, hard hitting, screaming like the screams of a black panther: a set filled with energy and rage! Playing older songs and promoting their last album. I feel like the crowd knows all the songs! They are cheering, screaming along, clapping hands, raising fists … It’s simply amazing to see all this kind of positive feedback! The band is happy to be back on stage after 2 years of the COVID-19 era. Time to Fight is a highlight in the set (one of the many). Just like the title of the song they performed: Animals! Yup: they are wild animals unleashing their powers and raw energy on stage! It’s good old trash metal that gets absorbed by fans like a glass of water that get’s dropped in the dry sand. Perpetual Chaos is already part of the common knowledge here, clearly! They hit hard, fast and loud! It was a good, short set! I enjoyed it and I can say the new line-up confirmed they are ready to conquer the world (as I really adored the newest album)! Diva Satanica (Bloodhunter) on vocals got us an excellent show as front lady of the band: congratz!

Burning Witches also starts fast & heavy: launching one song after the other, with only after a few songs some time to catch some breath and interact with the crowd: talking about the good cold bear of Belgium(coming from Dutch people a nice thing to say)! It was already hot before, but now it’s even getting hotter! Like they say: the roof is on fire! I see they are really loved by the crowd and can see, hear and feel the amazing feedback by the many fans in here! Laura Guldemond is an excellent leading lady in this band: she sets the place on fire and has really great vocals and the perfect presence on stage: she’s a beast! Her bandmates are also amazing and do all they can to please the audience and show that they are happy to be back on tour! When they play their last song: Burning Witches it feels like the set was way too short!

It was an amazing night and I really enjoyed it (despite the heat)! I’m happy there was a huge crowd! I hope to see them back on stage and will know from now on how fierce and how good both bands are on stage (from this experience)! Ladies: you rocked the night!