The Ultimate Dreamers (BE) launch a brand new single: Polarized / I Loved You ?!

  Van Muylem    12 september 2022

Reactivated in 2021 with the release of an album compiling old demos (Live Happily While Waiting For DeathWool-E-Discs/Dans Les Profondeurs), The Ultimate Dreamers are back with new material in the form of a single preceding a forthcoming EP. The new single has been launched today 12 September (digital) and will get a vinyl release on 15 October!

The single has been recorded in Len Lemaire's (Implant / 32 Crash / Anne Clark) studio. You can clearly hear Len's influence (as sometime you would wander if it's not Len at work). Soundiwse it's a mix between cold wave and electro. The vocals sound cool, so I'm sure it will be a hit!

The single also has a B-side and is called I Loved You?! It's an up-tempo cold-wave/electro track. The song sounds like crafted for the dancefloor and for DJ's. If you listen to both songs it's almost impossible to say wich one deserve's to be the A-side single!

Implant also did a remix of the same song (I Loved You). The result is a typical Implant song with dancefloor vibes, a good tempo and a little bit more electronics. The old school Implant break down is also included.

It's impossible to say which of the 3 songs is the best and that means that you only get good stuff! It will be hard for the DJ's to decide abou which song to play on the radio/dancefloor! It's also nice to hear that the band has stepped into 2022 and evolved in the best way compaired to the demo's from the 80's! Thumbs up and maximal score for all 3 songs!

Don't miss them on stage in Belgium, 15/09/2022:

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