C-LEKKTOR - Are You Ready For The Bass? EP (Alfa-Matrix)

  Van Muylem    25 september 2022

One of the leading bands from the Mexican dark electro scene strikes back! Mastermind Markko B. launches a new age, a new sonic era for C-LEKKTOR. Are you ready for the bass?

This new 6-track EP announces C-LEKKTOR’s much anticipated new studio album “New World Disorder” coming out end of October… No mercy, no compromise, C-LEKKTOR fuses classic dark hellektro style made of upbeat industrial EBM assaults and sinister icy melodies, with new elements of chaotic modernism. This EP also features an exclusive club mix of the hammering “Don’t Be Afraid” plus 4 devastating remixes signed by ESA, NEVEL, AESTHETISCHE and VENAL FLESH.

The perfect appetiser before the release of the album. Shut up, surrender and embrace the power as a full atomizing blast!

I know this guy from one of his first gigs, it was in Antwerp with Suicide Commando on board. I interviewed him and got my answers a few hours later (it was with the goal to promote his gig in Antwerp). I enjoyed his gig, just as the album he released back then. Since then you could hear some chemistry going on between Suicide Commando and C-Lekktor and I always described it as 1+1+=3. I still think C-Lekktor is the future Suicide Commando, however he got his own style & sound!

Are You Ready For The Bass? Is the main track and is perfectly described by the title! It’s clearly a club and dancefloor orientated track with harsh vocals and fitting beats and electronica! This is the perfect way to announce a new album and keep the people in the heat! I hope DJ’s will spin it indeed and count on the label to get it done! Just like I shout it out right now!

Don’t Be Afraid (club version): sounds a bit harder & harsher and is a bit shorter than the original. I hope this new version also gets some airplay!

New World Disorder (ESA remix) has a higher tempo and with lesser vocals. The start is harsher but after that the song changes a bit into a techno minded track.

Are You Ready For The Bass? (NEVEL remix) is another good remix, made for clubland! Here we get more bits and bleeps with a techno layer.

Are You Ready For The Bass? (AESTHETISCHE remix) puts the focus a bit more on the focus and goes also into the techno direction (the more modern version of it).

New World Disorder (VENAL FLESH remix) sounds very modern and gets a floating feel where as the vocals are put on the very background of the song.

Well: it’s the perfect warm up for a new album! I really hope the tracks will get airplay! Clubland: here comes C-Lekktor! Can’t wait for the new album and I really hope he will perform in our country too and get a large tour build up with the help of the label! It’s time to shine!

Are You Ready For The Bass? EP | C-LEKKTOR | Alfa Matrix (bandcamp.com)