Belgian modern metal band Aeveris has released a new single called "The Great Demise"! Debutalbum coming out on November 4, 2022.

  Van Muylem    26 september 2022

A great Demise tends to pointless discussions about a losing cause, all for the sake of being ‘right’. It is the fourth track from the highly anticipated debut album ‘White Elephant’ of the Belgian metal band Aeveris. The album will contain 10 soaring songs, including two of their first three successful singles Shapeless and Segregating the Wicked (feat. svencho dc – aborted).

The track starts with a blistering drum and vocal-intro, instantly setting the pace of the song. The verse creeps in while the main riff is an instant invitation to head bang. The chorus is a sing-a-long for the masses worthy of a mainstage. The track is accompanied by a lyric video produced by Didier Vanassche at New Horizons Design, further promoting the visual identity of the upcoming album’s artwork.

Aeveris are Jeffrey Behiels and Dennis Wyffels on guitar, Louis Soenens on Vocals, Pieter Nyckees on Bass and Louis Van der Linden on Drums.


- 04.11                 WVL RELEASE CACTUS CLUB        📍 BRUGGE

- 05.11                 OVL RELEASE DEN EGLANTIER    📍 SINT-NIKLAAS

- 12.11                 LIM RELEASE RAGNAROK             📍 BREE

- 19.11                 VBR RELEASE ROCKCAFE              📍 LEUVEN

- 26.11                 OVL RELEASE 2 ELPEE                    📍 DEINZE


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