Scarlet Dorn - Queen Of Broken Dreams (SPV Recordings)

  Van Muylem    30 september 2022

Scarlet Dorn was founded in 2016 by the producers Chris Harms and Benjamin Lawrenz, together with the singer Scarlet Dorn. Not only through the release of the albums “Lack Of Light” and “Blood Red Bouquet”, but also through determined touring with Within Temptation, Joachim Witt, Letzte Instanz, Lord Of The Lost among others. The new Scarlet Dorn album "Queen Of Broken Dreams" contains 12 new songs and is also released as a Limited LP Edition including red coloured vinyl, CD Editionin a digipak as well as digitally.

Scarlet Dorn combine an incredible elegance of darkness with a particularly memorable catchiness of the songs. With her captivating voice, singer Scarlet Dorn exudes a variety of emotions ranging from gentle and tender to menacing and somber. Scarlet sings her way straight into your heart free of boundaries between genres. From industrial sounds, rock ballads, and some catchy electronic beats, the band takes all listeners on a journey through complex human abysses, the world of hope and sorrow, but also directly into the arms of life in all its glory that you just can't get enough of.

Falling starts softly with sweet vocals that sound really well. I hear the backings who are literally kept in the back whilst I also hear a piano (or a synth.). I feel the song grows slowly. I also hear a break and a new building up. I’m wandering what would happen if the song gets an energy boost? The end is good and almost goes to a high.

Born To Suffer starts in an electronic way. The vocals are sweet and nice. I was expecting a hard rock song when I read the title but it turns out to be a ballad with a poppy side. The song gets a bit more powered up towards the end.

Queen Of Broken Dreams is the title track: it gives us great vocals, lot’s of pathos and a lot of variation in the sound, tempo and instrumentation. It’s clear this band can choose any path they want!

Your Highness has clearly a high theatrical feel, guitars that could be used in a metal track, pathos and good vocals. I’m wandering if this song works on stage?

A Light That Blinds The Truth goes on with the theatrical feel and for the first time I hear the influence of Chris Harm!

Meteor is a magical ballad with strong vocals. Be ready to shed a tear or get an invite to dance with your partner! It’s clear why this song was launched earlier on!

Unstill Life is a beautiful power ballad that should be aired a lot and really has the potential to make it due to the great vocals, the best mix and a great sound!

When You See Me Again is a real soft ballad with some electronic slices. The sound is a bit different from the other songs and that is also a great thing as variation keeps it interesting!

Love Wasn’t Made For Me rocks a bit, but keeps the softer side close-by. I like the melancholic touch, just as the electronic slices. The guitars keep it rocking! It’s all in all indeed a sad song.

What Are We To Do has an almost erotic touch when you get to the whispering parts. It’s a pretty soft song but has also some harder and faster parts. The piano parts are really well chosen and perfectly mixed!

Tonight has a good and warm sound with angelic vocals and a good tempo. It’s the kind of song to perform for sure on stage if the sound is really great to render the magical powers of the song towards the fans!

A Million Miles Away is clearly filled with melancholia and pathos. The piano, the vocals and the rest of the instruments are mixed in the best possible way and makes from this song the best end shot possible for this album!

I noticed a lot of great tracks and am just missing a duet. I’m sure the tour will be a success and a lot of people will get to know this band in the best way possible. They deserve the success! I’m happy I reviewed them and made the needed time to do it!


as Special Guest for Lord Of The Lost
06.10.22 DE – Nuremberg / Hirsch
07.10.22 DE – Stuttgart / LKA-Longhorn
08.10.22 DE – Cologne / Essigfabrik
12.10.22 HU – Budapest / Barba Negra
14.10.22 AT – Vienna / Szene
15.10.22 DE – Munich / Backstage
20.10.22 DE – Frankfurt / Batschkapp
21.10.22 DE – Leipzig / Täubchenthal
22.10.22 DE – Hanover / Pavillon
27.10.22 DE – Berlin / Columbia Theater
28.10.22 CZ – Prague / Club Storm
29.10.22 PL – Warsaw / Hydrozagadka
02.11.22 DE – Bochum / Zeche
03.11.22 FR – Paris / Petit Bain
04.11.22 FR – Lyon / CCO
05.11.22 ES – Barcelona / Salamandra
06.11.22 ES – Madrid / Mon

09.11.22 IT – Milan / Legend Club
10.11.22 CH – Pratteln / Z7
11.11.22 DE – Kaiserslautern / Kammgarn
12.11.22 DE – Herford / X

Line Up:
Scarlet Dorn - Vocals
Bengt Jaeschke - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Benjamin Mundigler - Bass, Backing Vocals
Gared Dirge - Piano
Henrik Petschull - Drums

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