AVE released a thunderous new track/video: “Valhalla”

  Van Muylem    1 oktober 2022

September 30, 2022 (Cleveland, OH) — Florida metal quartet AVE (A Valiant Effort) have dropped their new video/single “Valhalla,” a melodic firestorm with lyrics paying homage to the way of the warrior and the glory that awaits on the other side of life. The group’s latest track echoes with a metalcore influence ranging from early 2000s to today. Take the polished vocal stylings of Thirty Seconds to Mars and smash them together with the vicious instrumentation of I Prevail, and as the dust settles you’ll find AVE.

“The single was inspired by the Viking/Dane idea of a glorious heaven waiting for a warrior who died on the battlefield” the band shares of the track. “We were interested in the idea of the great Valhalla and made a song about the journey to get there.”


The band’s name, A Valiant Effort, was born of the founder Michael Myerson’s love of competition, combat, and the warrior spirit—all of which are represented fiercely in the lyrics of “Valhalla.”

“The band wanted to capture that never say die, honorable death idea. That is where a valiant effort comes from. To never quit, and give it your all until the last breath regardless of the outcome.”

Evan Draper filmed/edited the video for “Valhalla”. The track was written by Andrew Karpovck, Michael Myerson, Kevin Schoeppler, and Abel Estrada, and was produced by Andy Karpovck.

 is a band from Orlando Florida. A combination of hard and aggressive riffs, with catchy and melodic choruses. AVE is a perfect balance of heavy and pop influences that any fan of metal or alternative can enjoy. At times, even elements from the EDM and hip hop world shine through; the band is truly free when it comes to their artistic expression in their music.

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Photographer by: Roxy Faith